Harvest advances...

Harvest advances...

On the Plains, winter wheat planting is underway, with one-quarter (25%) of the crop in the ground by September 12 in Nebraska, along with 16% in Colorado and South Dakota, 9% in Texas, and 5% in Kansas.

Across the Corn Belt, by September 12, at least one-tenth of the corn had been harvested in Missouri (23%), Illinois (18%), and Indiana (13%). The soybean harvest was 7% complete in Indiana and 3% complete in Illinois, while 2% of Michigan’s winter wheat had been planted.

In the South, by September 12, the soybean harvest was most advanced in Mississippi (50% complete), while the cotton harvest had progressed the farthest in Louisiana (33%).

In the West, 35% of the winter wheat was planted by September 12 in Washington.

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