The Weather Front On-Line (November 2010)

The Weather Front On-Line (November 2010)

Moderating temperatures...

During the weekend, chilly conditions will linger in the East, while warmth will expand across the nation’s mid-section. Meanwhile, precipitation will gradually overspread much of the West.

By early next week, much cooler air will arrive in the West, while precipitation will spread as far east as the northern Plains and the central Rockies.

A November chill across the Plains & Midwest..

On the Plains, Friday morning’s low temperatures fell below 20 degrees as far south as Nebraska. However, warmer air is expanding across the northern High Plains. Dry weather favors summer crop harvesting but continues to threaten the proper establishment of the central and southern Plains’ winter wheat crop.

Windy & colder...

For the remainder of the week, rain will gradually shift from the South into the East. Storm-total rainfall may exceed an inch in parts of the East, with higher totals possible along the Atlantic Seaboard.

During the weekend, much colder, windy weather will prevail in the storm’s wake across the eastern one-third of the U.S.

More moisture needed...

Most soils across the state continue to be in need of additional moisture due to the high winds last week and rapid drying.