Significant amounts of snow & rain...

Significant amounts of snow & rain...

Much of central and southeast Illinois will be impacted by a winter storm, which will be tracking northeast across the Ohio Valley Thursday night.  The heaviest snowfall is likely along and west of the I-55 corridor, where 6 inches or more is likely.  Some locally higher amounts are possible, especially near the Illinois River.  A few thunderstorms are also possible, which would further enhance the higher snow threat.  Further to the east, a rain/snow mixture will occur initially from Taylorville northeast to Danville, before transitioning to snow late this evening.  This mixed precipitation will result in overall lower snowfall totals, generally in the 3 to 6 inch range.   

The snow will be wet and heavy. 

Across southeast Illinois, the main concern will be with heavy rain.  Rainfall totals of 1 to 1.25 inches or more are expected.  This heavy rainfall will cause further rises on the Little Wabash, Embarras, and mainsteam Wabash Rivers, some portions of which are already in flood.  Travelers in this area should be alert for standing water on roadways, which can be difficult to see at night.  Do not drive through areas that may be flooded. 


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