Hotter, drier weather ahead...

Hotter, drier weather ahead...

Across the Corn Belt, sunny weather favors corn and soybean development. In the lower Midwest, producers are resuming soft red winter wheat harvesting. On June 26, just 16% of Indiana’s wheat had been harvested, compared to the 5-year average of 28%.

On the Plains, thunderstorms were providing limited drought relief across southern areas, including parts of Oklahoma. Meanwhile on the northern Plains, favorably dry weather accompanies a warming trend. By June 26, only 60% of North Dakota’s intended durum wheat acreage had been planted.

In the South, thunderstorms in the vicinity of a cold front are entering the region from the north and west. Rain was also falling across parts of Florida’s peninsula, where the summer rainy season is underway. Unfavorably hot weather persists across the Deep South, in advance of the cold front.

In the West, cool weather is returning to the Pacific Coast States. Showers accompany the surge of cool air across northwestern California and the Pacific Northwest. Farther inland, warm, dry weather is promoting fieldwork and crop development.

During the next two days, a cold front moving into the Southeast will help to focus showers and thunderstorm activity. Rainfall totals could reach 1 to 3 inches across the lower Southeast.

Farther west, a brief (2- to 3-day) surge of heat will spread across the Plains and Midwest, promoting crop development. On the southern High Plains, however, frequent highs above 100° will continue to severely stress crops.

Elsewhere, cool, dry air will overspread the West during the second half of the week, followed by a rapid weekend warming trend.

Looking ahead, the 6- to 10-day outlook calls for near- to above-normal temperatures nationwide, except for cooler-than-normal conditions in the Great Lakes region. Meanwhile, near- to above-normal rainfall in most areas from the Plains to the Atlantic Seaboard will contrast with drier-than-normal weather in the West.



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