Intense, heat wave pattern gets underway...

Intense, heat wave pattern gets underway...

Dangerous heat and humidity expected throughout the week!

Upper level high pressure will intensify over the middle of the nation.  A very hot and humid air mass will drift eastward out of the Plains and into Illinois the next few days, then become nearly stationary. Central Illinois has begun to feel the oppressive heat and humidity early this week. However, even higher heat and humidity levels are expected from Tuesday through the rest of the week. Current indications are that this heat wave will last well into the weekend.

The combination of temperatures in the 90s and dew points in the mid- to upper 70s will produce dangerous heat index values of 105 to 115 degrees from late-morning into early evening each day, and be highest from 2 to 6 pm.

The impacts of heat stress are cumulative and increase each day the heat lasts. Anyone spending significant amounts of time outdoors or involved in strenuous activity will be susceptible to serious and potentially life-threatening heat-related illnesses.


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