The Weather Front On-Line (April 2013)

The Weather Front On-Line (April 2013)

A wide-range of weather across the Heartland

On the Plains, cool weather is returning to areas as far south as Nebraska, while unusual warmth persists across the southern half of the region. Monday’s high temperatures topped the 90-degree mark in locations such as Amarillo, Texas (94°F), and Gage, Oklahoma (92°F), and similar readings can be expected again Tuesday.

Lowland flooding at hand in parts of the Corn Belt

In the West, very warm weather in California and the Northwest favors a rapid pace of fieldwork and crop development.

Meanwhile, producers across the central and southern High Plains continue to monitor winter wheat for signs of freeze damage from a series of cold mornings, most recently on April 24.

Across the Corn Belt, extensive lowland flooding persists in several areas, inclu

Lowland flooding continues in much of the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, widespread lowland flooding continues from the middle Mississippi Valley into parts of the Great Lakes region.

Midwest fieldwork at a virtual standstill

Across the Corn Belt, a brief spell of warmth in the Ohio Valley contrasts with unusually cold weather elsewhere. A mixture of rain and snow accompanies the latest cold surge, aggravating lowland flooding. Fieldwork remains at a virtual standstill, with corn planting just 1% complete by April 21 in Illinois and Indiana.

On the Plains, very cold weather prevails.

A water-logged Corn Belt in most locales

Across the Corn Belt, showers and thunderstorms continue Friday morning over the Ohio Valley along the cold front that swept through the Midwest overnight. Flood Warnings are still active from Missouri to Michigan, following soaking rain (local amounts in excess of 5 inches).

Another intense, late-season storm ahead

Across  the Corn Belt, snow is falling across the far upper Midwest, including the Red River Valley. Elsewhere, isolated rain showers are occurring in the vicinity of a cold front stretching from Michigan to Missouri.

Fieldwork on hold in most areas

Across the Corn Belt, although most if not all fieldwork remains on hold, soil moisture levels have markedly improved in the upper Midwestern drought areas.

On the Plains, temperatures have moderated from the very low readings observed on April 10-11.

An active pattern gets underway across the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, a low-pressure system crossing the Mississippi Valley is producing widespread rain showers.  Early Monday, some of the heaviest rain fell across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

A wet pattern ahead for the Midwest

During the weekend, dry weather will return to the South, while showers will spread across the nation’s northern tier.

By early next week, a new storm system will develop across the nation’s mid-section, with significant precipitation possible across the Plains and Midwest.

Cold weather lingers across the Midwest

Across the Corn Belt, unusually cold conditions persist. Tuesday morning’s low temperatures generally ranged from around 10° in the far upper Midwest to near the freezing mark in the lower Ohio Valley.