Late-season Heat wave to build across the Heartland

Late-season Heat wave to build across the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, mostly dry weather has returned, following yesterday’s beneficial showers. Friday’s high temperatures will remain below 80° in much of the Great Lakes region.

On the Plains, isolated showers are mostly confined to central portions of the region, including western Kansas. Hot weather prevails throughout the nation’s mid-section, promoting small grain harvesting on the northern Plains but stressing rain-fed summer crops on the southern High Plains.

In the South, warm, mostly dry weather prevails, although showers will return to the southern Atlantic States later Monday. A disturbance near the central Gulf Coast is not expected to develop into a tropical cyclone, but is currently helping to focus heavy showers just offshore.

In the West, widely scattered showers are heaviest in the middle Colorado Valley. Temperatures continue to fall toward near-normal levels, except for some lingering heat across the interior Northwest. Small grain harvesting continues in the Northwest, while nearly five dozen wildfires are actively burning across the region—mostly in California and the Northwest.

Looking ahead, heat will persist across the nation’s mid-section into early next week, particularly across the northern Plains and upper Midwest. Temperatures will regularly approach or reach 100° as far north as eastern Montana and the Dakotas. Farther east, heat will not be as extreme across the Midwest, although temperatures could approach 95° by the middle of next week across the southern and western Corn Belt. Meanwhile, showers will continue to rotate clockwise around a ridge of high pressure parked over the nation’s mid-section. During the next 5 days, little or no rain can be expected from the central and southern Plains into the middle Mississippi Valley, while 1- to 3-inch totals will be common in the Southwest, far upper Midwest, and along the Gulf Coast. Moisture associated with a Tropical Depression could further enhance Southwestern rainfall totals.

The 6- to 10-day outlook calls for near- to above-normal temperatures and rainfall across the majority of the U.S. Heat will be most likely across the northern Plains and upper Midwest, while drier-than-normal weather will be limited to the southern half of the Plains and parts of the Northwest.


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