Showers to return later this week

Showers to return later this week

Across the Corn Belt, temperatures have returned to near- or below-normal levels, following a recent spell of hot weather. In addition, recent widespread showers and thunderstorms have improved Midwestern topsoil moisture, favoring corn and soybean development.

On the Plains, favorably cooler weather prevails in the wake of a recent heat wave. On June 17, the maximum temperature of 112° in Lubbock, Texas, was the highest reading in that location since June 26, 2011. Early Monday, thunderstorms in the vicinity of a cold front linger across the southeastern Plains. Farther north, recent rains have improved crop prospects across portions of the northern Plains, although some areas remain dry.

In the South, a cold front is draped from the central Appalachians to Texas, accompanied by scattered showers and thunderstorms. In advance of the front, warm, humid, occasionally showery weather prevails.

In the West, extremely hot weather persists west of the Rockies, except along the immediate Pacific Coast. On Sunday, Palm Springs, California, noted a daily-record high of 116°. Excessive Heat Warnings remain in effect in California’s Central Valley and the Desert Southwest, with Monday’s highs expected to approach 120° in lower elevations of the latter region.

For the beginning of the week, showery weather will prevail across the eastern one-third of the U.S., with 1- to 3-inch totals likely in the Atlantic Coast States. Localized areas along the Gulf Coast could see much higher totals as a potential tropical system approaches or reaches the coast during the mid- to late-week period. In contrast, the Western States look to remain relatively dry, with little to no rainfall expected in most places. Extreme heat will prevail through the weekend in California and the Desert Southwest, with record-setting high temperatures likely, while cooler-than-normal weather will cover the Midwest and much of the South.

Looking ahead, the 6- to 10-day outlook calls for above-normal temperatures along both coastlines, as opposed to near- to below-normal temperatures throughout the nation’s mid-section. Heat will continue in California but is not likely to be record breaking. Meanwhile, below-normal rainfall in the Northwest and southern Florida should contrast with wetter-than-normal weather in much of the Great Lakes, Southern, and Eastern States.


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