The Weather Front On-Line (April 2018)

The Weather Front On-Line (April 2018)

A welcome change in weather underway

Across the Corn Belt, chilly weather lingers in the Ohio Valley, where Frost and Freeze advisories were in effect early Monday. Meanwhile, much warmer air is overspreading the western Corn Belt, promoting an acceleration of corn planting and other spring fieldwork.

Drier, progressively milder weather...for now

Across the Corn Belt, dry weather accompanies near- to below-normal temperatures. Midwestern fieldwork, including planting activities, has begun to advance in recent days, although variable field conditions have resulted in uneven progress. By April 22, corn planting had not yet begun in many Midwestern States, including Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas.

Drier for now; a much warmer pattern ahead

Across the Corn Belt, cool, mostly dry weather prevails. A few rain showers are occurring, however, in the lower Great Lakes region and in the southwestern Corn Belt. In many areas, field conditions are still not ideal for planting activities, but slow improvement is occurring.

A positive change in weather ahead

Across the Corn Belt, mild, dry weather in the upper Midwest contrasts with cool, showery conditions in the Ohio Valley. By April 22, corn planting had not begun, and was at least 10 percentage points behind the 5-year average pace, in Iowa and Minnesota.

A welcome pattern shift underway

Across the Corn Belt, cold weather and low soil temperatures continue to limit spring planting activities. In addition, snow remains on the ground across large sections of the northern Corn Belt.

A pleasant change in weather ahead next week

Across the Corn Belt, a storm system is producing a small but heavy band of snow across the upper Midwest. During the 3-week period ending April 15, there was less than one day suitable for fieldwork in Minnesota (0.1 day) and North Dakota (0.3 day), according to USDA. Chilly weather persists throughout the Corn Belt.

A wild ride of weather across the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, warmth lingers in the Ohio and middle Mississippi Valleys, although soils remain too wet in many areas to allow appreciable fieldwork. Below-normal temperatures cover the remainder of the Midwest, while a chilly rain is developing across the northern Corn Belt.

Warmer for now, big changes ahead this weekend

Across the Corn Belt, cold conditions linger across the upper Midwest. A chilly rain, mixed with snow, is falling early Thursday in portions of the Great Lakes region. Farther south, however, the remainder of the Corn Belt is experiencing a brief surge of warmth.

A brief reprieve ahead from the cold, snow

Across the Corn Belt, a cold weather pattern remains in place, curtailing nearly all spring fieldwork. Soils are saturated in parts of the lower Midwest, while snow remains on the ground in much of the upper Midwest. Currently, light snow showers are occurring in several areas of the Corn Belt.