The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

More cold, an active pattern ahead

Across the Corn Belt, wind-driven snow is blanketing the upper Great Lakes region, while a mix of rain and snow is falling farther south and east. Harvest activities have been halted by adverse weather and field conditions across the northern and western Corn Belt, but some fieldwork continues in the Ohio Valley and environs.

Chilly, harvest delays as growing season winds-down

Across the Corn Belt, a return of warmth west of the Mississippi River is aiding corn and soybean harvest efforts. In contrast, cool weather and a few showers linger from the Great Lakes region southward into the Ohio Valley. Rivers are running high in parts of Michigan, following early-week downpours.

Cold, wet weather dominates the Midwest

Across the Corn Belt, cool, blustery weather prevails. In addition, rain continues to fall across the Great Lakes region. Lansing, Michigan, has experienced its wettest October on record, with nearly 8 inches of rain.

A major pattern shift underway

Across the Corn Belt, heavy rain is falling across the eastern Corn Belt, from Michigan southward. The rain, which is boosting soil moisture for recently planted winter wheat, follows several days of favorable weather that had allowed for a rapid pace of corn and soybean harvesting.

A change in weather ahead

Across the Corn Belt, very warm, dry weather through Friday has been supportive of corn and soybean maturation and harvesting, especially in areas where fieldwork has been delayed by crop developmental delays or autumn wetness. Weather conditions also favor the development of recently planted winter wheat and cover crops.

Exceptionally tranquil Corn Belt weather

Across the Corn Belt, sunny, warm conditions are ideal for summer crop maturation and harvesting, as well as winter wheat planting and emergence. On October 15, the corn harvest was more than 10 percentage points behind the respective 5-year averages in all Midwestern States except Michigan.

Another change in weather for the Midwest

Across the Corn Belt, warm, dry weather prevails, allowing previously-delayed summer crop harvesting to gain momentum. The dry weather will be short lived, however, as a cold front approaches the region, bringing another round of rain for the weekend.

Mild, drier days next week for the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, recent and ongoing rainfall is limiting fieldwork but benefiting recently planted winter grains and cover crops. On October 8, the corn harvest was at least 10 percentage points behind the respective state 5-year averages in all Midwestern States, except Michigan and Ohio. Nationally, the corn harvest was just 22% complete, 15 percentage points behind average.

An active pattern across the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, hard freezes occurred early Tuesday across the far upper Midwest. More than a week ago, on October 1, corn was less than one-half fully mature in Wisconsin (41%) and North Dakota (47%). However, the fact that most of the corn—88% in Wisconsin and 93% in North Dakota—was dented by October 1 should help to limit any yield loss.