The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

An active pattern ahead for the Corn Belt

On the Plains, hot, mostly dry weather is increasing evaporative losses and boosting moisture demands for summer crops. Many areas across the nation’s mid-section retain adequate subsoil moisture, but some topsoil moisture shortages have developed during the recent and ongoing spate of hot weather.

Topsoil dryness in parts of the Corn Belt

On the Plains, slightly cooler weather from Nebraska northward contrasts with lingering heat farther south. The winter wheat harvest continues to advance northward across the southern and central Plains. Despite the recent trend toward hotter weather, many areas of the Plains retain adequate soil moisture.

Hot weather on much of the Great Plains

On the Plains, cooler air is spreading across Montana and North Dakota, following overnight thunderstorms. Farther south, however, an early-season heat wave continues. For some locations on the central and southern Plains, Friday will mark a third consecutive day of 100-degree heat. The hot weather is spurring winter wheat maturation and harvesting.

Heat wave expands on much of the Plains

On the Plains, an early-season heat wave is underway. For the second day in a row, temperatures will reach or exceed 100° across a broad area covering the central and southern Plains. In addition, increasing humidity levels are creating dangerously hot conditions across the east-central and southeastern Plains. Despite the heat, the southern Plains’ winter wheat harvest is advancing northward.

A range of weather across the COrn Belt

On the Plains, cool weather and scattered showers linger across Montana and North Dakota. In stark contrast, hot, dry weather has developed across the central and southern Plains. The sudden heat, which should result in Wednesday’s high temperatures topping 100° as far north as southwestern Nebraska, is promoting winter wheat maturation and harvesting.

Short-term dry pockets in parts of the Corn Belt

On the Plains, clusters of showers and thunderstorms are associated with a developing low-pressure system. The rain is slowing fieldwork, including winter wheat harvesting, but generally benefiting rangeland, pastures and summer crops.

Summer-like warmth across much of the Heartland

On the Plains, locally heavy showers and thunderstorms are developing in conjunction with an approaching low-pressure system. Cooler air is replacing weekend heat across the northern Plains, but hot weather continues farther south. High temperatures Monday could reach 100° on the southern High Plains.

Hot and humid weather finally arrives

On the Plains, heat continues to build despite showers and thunderstorms in central and southern portions of the region. Friday’s high temperatures could again approach 100°, particularly on the central High Plains. The heat is mostly favorable for winter wheat maturation and summer crop development.

Heat builds on the Plains

Across the Corn Belt, showers and thunderstorms are developing across the upper Mississippi Valley. Hot weather is arriving in the western Corn Belt, spurring corn and soybean emergence and growth, but cool conditions linger across the eastern Corn Belt.

A very warm pattern ahead

Across the Corn Belt, cool, dry weather prevails. Frost was noted Wednesday morning in mostly non-agricultural sections of Upper Michigan, northern Wisconsin, and northeastern Minnesota.