The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

A subtle change in weather ahead

On the Plains, a mild, breezy weather pattern is in place. Monday’s high temperatures should exceed 70° throughout the southern Plains, while winter wheat’s protective snow cover is quickly melting or eroding across the northern High Plains.

A more typical January look & feel

On the Plains, snow covers most areas from Nebraska northward, helping to provide winter wheat with moisture and insulation. However, livestock in parts of the Dakotas continue to experience a difficult winter, with deep snow and low temperatures maintaining stress on animals.

A more seasonal temperature pattern

On the Plains, snow is spreading from Wyoming across western sections of South Dakota and Nebraska. In contrast, warm, dry, breezy weather prevails on the southern Plains.

More seasonal temperatures ahead

On the Plains, generally mild, dry weather prevails. However, colder air is overspreading the northern High Plains, accompanied by some light snow. In the wake recent and ongoing mild weather, substantial snow cover is mostly confined to eastern Montana and the Dakotas.

A mild, wet pattern for now

On the Plains, a period of mild, dry weather follows the recent storminess that deposited beneficial moisture for rangeland, pastures, and winter wheat from Nebraska southward. Across the northern Plains, mild weather is eroding a previously expansive snow cover. In Billings, Montana, the current snow depth of 4 inches is down from peaks of 20 inches on December 16 and 10 inches on January 11.

An active pattern virtually nationwide

On the Plains, ice storm recovery efforts continue in parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, and environs. Despite the inconvenience of the freezing rain, moisture was highly beneficial for rangeland, pastures, and winter wheat. Currently, generally mild, dry weather prevails in the wake of weekend storminess.

Potential ice storm threatens parts of the area

Across the Corn Belt, cold, mostly dry weather prevails in the wake of a cold front’s passage. Sub-zero temperatures blanketed the upper Midwest early Friday, maintaining livestock stress. Meanwhile, some light freezing rain is overspreading southern sections of Missouri and Illinois, causing some travel disruptions.

Winter storm potential ahead this weekend

On the Plains, bitterly cold air is returning to Nebraska, Montana, and the Dakotas, preceded and accompanied by some light snow. Wednesday’s temperatures plunged below -20° in northern Montana, maintaining stress on livestock. In stark contrast, warm, windy weather prevails across the southern half of the Plains.

A roller coaster of weather, temperatures

On the Plains, snow is falling early Tuesday in the eastern Dakotas, while rain is occurring in southeastern Nebraska and parts of Kansas. Cold, breezy conditions are spreading across the northern Plains as snow departs, but unusually warm weather prevails across the southern half of the Plains. In addition, very dry conditions persist in a band stretching from eastern Colorado into Oklahoma.