The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

A wide-range of temps across the Heartland

On the Plains, cold air is settling across Montana and the Dakotas, accompanied by some snow along and near the Canadian border. Warm, dry, breezy weather covers the remainder of the nation’s mid-section, despite an increase in cloudiness. An elevated to critical risk of wildfires exists today across the southern High Plains.

An active pattern set to resume

On the Plains, a cold, dry weather pattern is in place. Early Friday, temperatures dipped below 0° as far south as western Nebraska. A variable snow cover across the northern Plains is providing winter wheat with some degree of protection from the cold weather.

"Ups & downs" but generally a mild pattern

On the Plains, cold, mostly dry weather prevails. Snow showers are confined to western Nebraska and environs. The southern half of the region is devoid of snow cover, while at least one-fifth of the winter wheat crop is currently rated in very poor to poor condition in Texas (27%), Colorado (21%), and Kansas (20%).

Despite weather, winter wheat "doing well"

On the Plains, sharply colder air is arriving. Warmth lingers for a final day, however, on the southern Plains. A band of snow stretches from parts of southern and western Montana into western Nebraska, helping to replenish winter wheat’s protective snow cover that was lost due to recent warmth.

Mild days still left to come

Across the Corn Belt, mild, breezy weather prevails. Snow showers are confined to the Great Lakes region; Grand Rapids, Michigan, is reporting a current snow depth of 4 inches, up from an inch at this time on Monday.

A subtle change in weather ahead

On the Plains, a mild, breezy weather pattern is in place. Monday’s high temperatures should exceed 70° throughout the southern Plains, while winter wheat’s protective snow cover is quickly melting or eroding across the northern High Plains.

A more typical January look & feel

On the Plains, snow covers most areas from Nebraska northward, helping to provide winter wheat with moisture and insulation. However, livestock in parts of the Dakotas continue to experience a difficult winter, with deep snow and low temperatures maintaining stress on animals.

A more seasonal temperature pattern

On the Plains, snow is spreading from Wyoming across western sections of South Dakota and Nebraska. In contrast, warm, dry, breezy weather prevails on the southern Plains.

More seasonal temperatures ahead

On the Plains, generally mild, dry weather prevails. However, colder air is overspreading the northern High Plains, accompanied by some light snow. In the wake recent and ongoing mild weather, substantial snow cover is mostly confined to eastern Montana and the Dakotas.