The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

Historic, early-season warmth continues

On the Plains, record-breaking warmth continues to cause wheat to prematurely lose winter hardiness. Later Monday, high temperatures could approach or reach 80° as far north as South Dakota. On the southern Plains, rangeland, pastures, and winter grains are benefiting from recent soil moisture improvements.

"Heat wave" for late-Winter across the Midwest

On the Plains, spring-like weather continues. Friday’s high temperatures will again top 70° as far north as portions of the central Plains. On the northern Plains, mild weather in areas that have experienced a snowy winter could reduce the risk of spring flooding by extending the melt season over a longer period of time.

Spring-like days to come for the Midwest

On the Plains, unusually warm weather continues. Any protective snow cover for winter wheat has disappeared, and the mild weather is causing wheat to begin losing winter hardiness. Thursday’s maximum temperatures should exceed 70º as far north as Nebraska.

A taste of Springtime ahead

On the Plains, unusually warm weather prevails across the northern half of the region. Wednesday high temperatures greater than 60° will occur as far north as Montana. The early-season warmth is causing wheat to prematurely lose some winter hardiness.

A very mild pattern; wetter days ahead

On the Plains, beneficial precipitation continues across portions of Oklahoma and Texas. In parts of Texas’ northern panhandle, rain has changed to wet snow. Meanwhile, mild weather continues across the northern Plains, where most winter wheat production areas no longer have a protective snow cover.

An early Spring-like feel ahead

On the Plains, mild, dry weather covers the northern half of the region, where winter wheat’s protective snow cover has largely disappeared. Meanwhile, cool, rainy weather is replacing record-setting warmth on the southern High Plains, benefiting winter wheat. On Saturday, the southwestern Oklahoma community of Mangum reported a high temperature of 99°.

More mild weather yet to come

On the Plains, sudden warmth has returned. In fact, temperatures could reach 90° later Friday on the southern High Plains. On the northern High Plains, the warm weather is eroding winter wheat’s protective snow cover. Throughout the region, early-season warmth is a concern with respect to wheat losing winter hardiness.

A short snippet of Winter

On the Plains, bitterly cold weather prevails across Montana and the Dakotas, where a variable snow cover is providing winter wheat with some insulation. Patches of light snow are occurring across the central Plains as sharply colder air arrives, while warmth prevails across the southern Plains.

A meteorological smorgasbord ahead

On the Plains, warm, dry, breezy conditions persist from Kansas southward. In stark contrast, frigid air is overspreading the northern Plains, accompanied by breezy weather and some snow showers. A variable snow cover in Montana and the Dakotas is providing winter wheat with some insulation from the cold weather.