The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

Another Summer-like day across the Midwest

Across the Corn Belt, warm, dry weather is ideal for corn and soybean maturation and harvesting, as well as winter wheat planting. On October 16, the corn harvest was less than one-third complete in Iowa, Minnesota, and the Dakotas—and running 10 to 12 percentage points behind the respective 5-year averages for each state.

Summer-like warmth across the Midwest

On the Plains, slightly cooler weather accompanies scattered showers in Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas. Farther south, however, record-setting warmth continues to promote fieldwork on the central and southern Plains, although soil moisture shortages are a growing concern with respect to winter wheat establishment.

Warmer days ahead for the Midwest

On the Plains, sharply warmer weather has replaced Thursday’s brief cold spell, with Friday’s high temperatures expected to average 15 to 30° above normal. The warmth is accelerating winter wheat emergence but increasing soil moisture losses in recently-dry growing areas from eastern Colorado and western Kansas southward into the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles.

A wet, but mild pattern ahead for the Heartland

On the Plains, showers are ending as a cold front exits the region, but clouds and fieldwork delays persist. Dry weather is returning to the northern High Plains, although cold weather and wet field conditions are slowing late-season winter wheat planting efforts. On October 9, winter wheat planting on the Plains ranged from 48% complete in Texas to 95% complete in Nebraska.

A wetter pattern ahead for the Midwest

On the Plains, cold, snowy conditions in northern portions of the region are slowing fieldwork and wheat development. In contrast, warm weather across the central and southern Plains is accelerating winter wheat establishment and summer crop harvesting.

Despite cooling, a mild pattern to contnue

On the Plains, locally heavy rain is easing drought in southeastern portions of the region, while showers over the central High Plains are improving soil moisture for winter wheat establishment. Across the rest of the Plains, mostly dry weather is promoting winter wheat planting and summer crop harvesting.

A late Summer feel across the Midwest

On the Plains, sunny skies are promoting winter wheat planting and summer crop harvesting.

Across the Corn Belt, locally heavy rain is renewing flooding concerns in portions of Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Meanwhile, warm, sunny weather is promoting fieldwork in the eastern Corn Belt.

A more active pattern ahead for the Midwest

On the Plains, Tuesday morning’s showers and thunderstorms stretch from Nebraska to the Red River Valley, slowing fieldwork but benefiting recently planted winter wheat. Across parts of Montana’s High Plains, rain has mixed with or changed to wet snow.

Drier weather briefly settles into the Midwest

On the Plains, cool air is overspreading Montana, accompanied by rain showers. Across much of the remainder of the nation’s mid-section, warm, dry weather is promoting summer crop maturation and harvesting, as well as winter wheat planting, emergence, and establishment.