The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

Very warm, dry weather promoting crop maturity

Across the Corn Belt, very warm, mostly dry weather is promoting corn and soybean maturation and helping to dry out soggy fields. On September 18, more than half (53%) of the U.S. corn crop was fully mature, compared to the 5-year average of 48%. Nearly half (46%) of U.S. soybeans were dropping leaves, versus 43% on average.

Wet weather to return to much of the Midwest

On the Plains, scattered showers and thunderstorms are slowing fieldwork but benefiting newly-planted winter wheat from the Dakotas southward to northern and western Texas. Meanwhile, warm, dry air is spreading across the northern High Plains.

Wetter days ahead across the Midwest

On the Plains, a low-pressure system over the western Dakotas is helping to focus showers and thunderstorms that are slowing final spring wheat harvest efforts. Thundershowers also extend southward from the Dakotas to the southern High Plains, slowing fieldwork but benefiting newly planted winter wheat.

Summer warmth continues across the Midwest

Across the Corn Belt, a strong cold front stretches from Michigan to Missouri, accompanied by showers and thunderstorms. Across the southeastern half of the Corn Belt, very warm, dry weather is promoting corn and soybean maturation.

Wet for now, but drier days by early next week

On the Plains, cool weather covers the northern half of the region, accompanied by scattered showers. Meanwhile, late-season heat prevails in Oklahoma and Texas. Near the boundary between cool and hot air, heavy showers and thunderstorms are causing local flash flooding in south-central and southeastern Kansas.

Weather (for now) favors crop development

Across the Corn Belt, locally heavy showers and thunderstorms stretch from Michigan to Nebraska. Farther south and east, warm, dry weather favors corn and soybean maturation. On September 4, at least one-fifth of the corn was fully mature in Missouri (44%), Illinois (22%), and Indiana (20%).

Late-season heat & humidity; more rain ahead

On the Plains, a cold front draped across the region separates cool air from late-season warmth. Tuesday’s high temperatures will exceed 90° as far north as Kansas. Throughout the southeastern half of the region, heat is promoting summer crop maturation.

Perfect late-Summer weather across the Midwest

On the Plains, sunny skies promote growth of sorghum and other summer crops in the south. Showers are moving onto the northern High Plains, causing disruptions in spring wheat harvesting.

Across the Corn Belt, sunny albeit cooler weather favors maturing corn and soybeans.

Near-perfect late-Summer weather

Across the Corn Belt, cooler, drier conditions prevail in most areas following the passage of a slow-moving cold front. Spotty showers are generally confined to the Ohio Valley.