The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

Blizzard conditions across parts of the western, northern Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, heavy, wet snow is falling over the northwestern third of the region, where Blizzard Warnings are in effect for Tuesday. In contrast, spring-like warmth is overspreading the Ohio Valley and southern Corn Belt.

Major Winter Storm expected on the Plains

Across the Corn Belt, mild, dry weather prevails in advance of an approaching storm. By late Monday night, however, blizzard conditions could engulf parts of eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.

Winter storm potential for parts of the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, cool, windy weather prevails in the lower Great Lakes region, accompanied by snow showers and squalls. In contrast, mild, dry air is expanding across the western Corn Belt.

Winter storm potential early next week

Across the Corn Belt, a cold front crossing the Ohio Valley and the lower Great Lakes region is resulting in a wind shift but little more. In the wake of the front’s passage, snow showers are confined to the Great Lakes region.

A more active pattern ahead

Across the Corn Belt, mostly cloudy but otherwise tranquil weather prevails. However, a few snow showers are occurring in the vicinity of the Great Lakes. Most of the region’s remaining snow cover is confined to the upper Midwest.

An historic winter storm to unfold across the eastern U.S.

Across the Corn Belt, snow has spread as far north as the lower Ohio Valley. Cool but mostly dry weather covers the remainder of the Midwest. Most of the Corn Belt has a patchy, shallow snow cover, but more substantial depths exist across the upper Midwest.

Massive Winter storm ahead for the eastern, southeastern U.S.

Across the Corn Belt, cold, mostly dry weather continues. A patchy snow cover exists in the lower Midwest, while a more substantial cover is in place across the upper Midwest.

On the Plains, mostly cloudy, cold weather prevails. Patches of light precipitation, mostly snow and freezing drizzle, are causing some difficulties with travel.

Stormy, Winter pattern lurks to the east

Across the Corn Belt, snow disruptive to travel but beneficial for winter wheat is primarily confined to the Ohio Valley, although a few snow showers and flurries are occurring in the Great Lakes region. Current snow depths include 2 inches in Indianapolis, Indiana, and St. Louis, Missouri.

Another pattern shift ahead for the Heartland

On the Plains, some light snow is falling across Nebraska and the eastern Dakotas. In contrast, mild weather is returning to the southernmost Plains, as well as much of Montana. Across the northern half of the region, a variable, generally shallow snow cover continues to provide winter wheat with varying degrees of insulation.