The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

Spring-like temps, rain & high wind ahead

In the Corn Belt, dry weather accompanies a warming trend. However, rain showers are quickly approaching the southwestern Corn Belt. Snow remains on the ground in most areas along and northwest of a line from southeastern Nebraska to northern Lower Michigan. At daybreak Tuesday, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, reported a snow depth of 16 inches.

Milder days precede an early Spring-like storm

Across the Corn Belt, snow depths of 1 to 2 feet remain common across the upper Midwest, where colder-than-normal conditions persist. In fact, below-normal temperatures prevail throughout the region, although snow mostly disappeared in the southern and eastern Corn Belt during a brief, weekend warm spell.

Wide-ranging weather for the Heartland this weekend

Across the Corn Belt, light snow is falling across the Ohio Valley and environs, while cold, dry weather covers the remainder of the Midwest. In fact, the Corn Belt remains locked into a winter-like weather pattern, with snow depths ranging from 1 to 2 feet or more across much of the upper Midwest.

Milder days ahead as stormy pattern resumes

Across the Corn Belt, very cold, breezy conditions persist. Wednesday morning’s low temperatures fell below 10°, except in the Ohio Valley. Water levels remain very high in the lower Ohio Valley; in fact, the Ohio River at Cairo, Illinois, crested late last week more than 16½ feet above flood stage—the highest level in that location since May 2011.

Moderating temperatures accompany an active pattern

Across the Corn Belt, extremely cold weather persists. Tuesday morning’s Midwestern low temperatures generally ranged from -5 to 10°, with breezy conditions continuing. Snow covers nearly the entire region, with depths ranging from an inch or two in the Ohio Valley to more than a foot in the upper Midwest.

Cold wave to gradually ease later in the week

Across the Corn Belt, frigid, breezy weather is stressing livestock. Monday morning’s low temperatures plunged to 0 or below as far south as central sections of Missouri and Illinois. However, a shallow to moderately deep snow cover is helping to insulate soft red winter wheat from the effects of the late-winter cold blast.

Mid-Winter weather pattern to dominate the Midwest

Across the Corn Belt, cold air remains in place. Across the upper Midwest, many February and all-time monthly snowfall records were broken. In Wisconsin, for example, the snowiest month on record occurred in locations such as Eau Claire (53.7 inches) and Wausau (54.3 inches). Currently, a new round of light snow is overspreading the far upper Midwest.

Cold wave pattern to greet the new month of March

Across the Corn Belt, below-normal temperatures persist. Dry weather covers most areas, although some light snow is falling in parts of the western Corn Belt. Most of the northern and western Corn Belt remains covered by snow; current depths include 18 inches in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, and 8 inches in Omaha, Nebraska.

Late-season cold wave pattern ahead

Across the Corn Belt, cold conditions persist. Wednesday morning’s low temperatures generally ranged from -10 to 10° in the western Corn Belt, where a deep snow cover remains in place. Currently, fresh snow is blanketing portions of the Great Lakes region, including Wisconsin and Michigan.