The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

A more typical Winter feel

Across the Corn Belt, snow showers are occurring downwind of the Great Lakes. A mostly shallow snow cover exists across roughly the northwestern half of the Corn Belt; current depths include 3 inches in Des Moines, Iowa, and Rockford, Illinois.

An active pattern continues across the Nation

Across the Corn Belt, a chilly rain is falling across parts of the upper Midwest, adding to record-setting December precipitation totals in portions of Iowa and environs. Meanwhile, record-setting warmth covers much of the southern and eastern Corn Belt, accompanied by scattered showers and thunderstorms.

A very active weather pattern to continue

Across the Corn Belt, showers are limited to eastern areas, including Ohio. Above-normal temperatures prevail throughout the region, and snow cover—mostly patchy and shallow—is confined to the upper Midwest.

A more typical spell of December weather

Across the Corn Belt, light snow is falling across the upper Great Lakes region. Across the remainder of the Midwest, cool, dry, breezy weather represents a significant change from earlier warmth and wetness. In fact, lowland flooding persists in parts of the western Corn Belt, particularly in Iowa and Missouri.

A more seasonal feel throughout the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, mild, dry, mostly cloudy weather prevails. Snow cover is limited to the northwestern Corn Belt, while the remainder of the Midwest has bare ground. Lowland flooding continues along several river basins in the western Corn Belt, primarily in Missouri, Iowa, and southern Wisconsin.

An active pattern continues for the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, snow is falling in the far upper Midwest, including the eastern Dakotas and northern Minnesota. Meanwhile, rain showers stretch from Wisconsin to southeastern Missouri. In advance of the shower activity, unusual warmth continues across the eastern Corn Belt.

Wet soils cover the Midwest

Across the Corn Belt, mostly cloudy, breezy weather prevails in the wake of a departing storm system. Nevertheless, temperatures remain well above normal for this time of year. Following the recent heavy-rain event, lowland flooding persists in a broad area covering portions of Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

A mild pattern to persist

Across the Corn Belt, breezy, rainy weather prevails. The heaviest rain, which is falling from Iowa into Wisconsin, is causing some lowland flooding. Rain has been less steady and more showery in the southern and eastern Corn Belt.

An active pattern set to resume

Across the Corn Belt, a few rain showers are occurring in the upper Great Lakes region. Elsewhere in the Midwest, mild, dry weather prevails, although dense fog has been noted early Thursday in parts of the Ohio Valley.