The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

Wet grounds an issue in the eastern, southern Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, from the Ohio Valley into the lower Great Lakes region, soggy soils and frequent freeze-thaw cycles remain a concern with respect to the soft red winter wheat crop.

On the Plains, more sustained heavy precipitation is still needed to eradicate record-setting drought across central and southern areas.

In the South, recent rains across the Deep South provided b

Mild weather continues throughout the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, mild, unfavorably dry conditions continue across the upper Midwest. In contrast, the latest round of precipitation—light rain—is falling in the eastern Corn Belt.

On the Plains, dry weather prevails.

Impacts of Drought felt on the southern Plains

Across the Corn Belt, mild, dry conditions prevail across the upper Midwest. Meanwhile, light snow is falling across much of the eastern Corn Belt, with some rain mixed in across the Ohio Valley.

On the Plains, isolated snow showers are confined to the northern tier of the region. Elsewhere, generally mild, dry weather has returned in the wake of recent, beneficial precipitation.

An active weather pattern this week

Across the Corn Belt, cold, breezy conditions are easing, following some of the most frigid weather of the season. However, precipitation is returning to the southwestern Corn Belt in the form of light snow.

On the Plains, mild weather prevails across Montana and the Dakotas, where winter wheat remains exposed to potential weather extremes.

Sharply colder air to spread southeastward

Across the Corn Belt, the leading edge of an Arctic air mass is blasting across the upper Midwest, increasing livestock stress. In the Great Lakes region, snow accompanies the cold front.

One last "mild" day for the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, a final day of mid-winter “warmth” prevails in advance of a strong cold front. Thursday’s high temperatures will approach 40° in much of the Midwest.

On the Plains, beneficial light precipitation—mostly snow—is developing across Texas’ northern panhandle and neighboring areas.

A more seasonal feel across the Corn Belt

Across the Heartland, much colder weather prevails.

Early Spring-like warmth continues

Unseasonably mild weather will continue through the rest of the week.  High temperatures today will run almost 30-degrees above average.

A weak cool front will move through while bringing a few rain showers tonight.

Unseasonably mild weather returns to the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, mild, dry weather prevails, except for snow showers in the upper Great Lakes region.  Generally minor lowland flooding persists in a few river basins across the eastern Corn Belt.

On the Plains, unusually warm weather prevails. Monday’s high temperatures will exceed 60°F as far north as western South Dakota.

Soggy fields across the southern Midwest

Across the Corn Belt, mild weather prevails. Rain is falling in the Ohio Valley, maintaining soggy conditions in much of the soft red winter wheat belt.

On the Plains, isolated showers linger across northeastern Texas, but mild, dry weather covers the remainder of the nation's mid-section.