The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

Near-perfect early Autumn weather continues

A near-perfect spell of weather continues under a sunny sky, a light southeast wind and high temperatures around 80-degrees. A cold front is forecast to move through on Wednesday night, with showers possible as early as Tuesday night. Thunderstorms will be more focused closer to the cold front, however.  The periodic precipitation should come to an end on Thursday.

Modest drought improvement noted in some areas

Recent rainfall has significantly improved the drought conditions south of I-70, and north of I-74.  In between, moderate to severe drought continues.  According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, severe drought conditions exist over portions of central Illinois, roughly from about Monticello, westward.   Moderate drought conditions were reported in east-central Illinois.

Ideal harvest weather across the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, very warm, dry weather west of the Mississippi River remains ideal for summer crop maturation and harvesting. During the week ending October 2, more than one-quarter of the soybeans were harvested in North Dakota (38% harvested in a week; 43% overall), Minnesota (32% in a week; 35% overall), and South Dakota (28% in a week; 30% overall).

Tranquil early-Autumn weather across the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, widespread weekend frost resulted in only minor impacts on rapidly maturing crops. Currently, cool weather and scattered showers linger across eastern-most areas, including Ohio. Elsewhere in the Midwest, mild, dry weather is ideal for corn and soybean maturation and harvesting.

Cool, windy weather across the Midwest

On the Plains, cooler weather is providing relief from a late-season heat wave on the drought-stricken southern Plains. However, the southern Plains’ soil moisture shortages continue to discourage many producers from planting winter wheat. Meanwhile, record-setting warmth is already returning to the northern High Plains, where Friday’s high temperatures will approach 90°.

Corn harvest in full-swing across the state

Temperatures remained below normal last week. Southern portions of the state experienced above normal rainfall. Northern and central portions, however, received below normal rains.

Cool, damp weather covers much of the Corn Belt

In the Corn Belt, a pesky storm continues to limit fieldwork due to cool, humid weather and scattered showers. By September 25, the soybean harvest was just 3% complete in Indiana and had not yet begun in Ohio—11 points behind the 5-year average in both states.

Cool, showery weather across much of the Corn Belt

In the Corn Belt, cool weather and widespread showers are slowing fieldwork, including early-season corn harvesting. Some of the heaviest rain is falling in northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and from Michigan southward into the middle Ohio Valley.

Varying levels of Drought continue across the area

The largely dry conditions that have been affecting the area the past three months has generated moderate to severe drought over central Illinois.  Though some decent rains of 1 to 2 inches fell between September 14-21 over the Illinois River Valley and southeast of I-70.  According to the U.S.

Corn rating falls in the wake of recent freezes

Across the Corn Belt, rain showers are spreading into the upper Mississippi Valley, but mild, dry weather favors early-season harvest efforts across the remainder of the Midwest. The corn harvest is within 5 percentage points of the 5-year average in Missouri (34% harvested), Illinois (11%), Indiana (4%), Iowa (3%), and Nebraska (2%).