The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

An active Winter pattern ahead

Across the Corn Belt, generally cold, dry conditions prevail. Early Friday, sub-zero temperatures were limited to the upper Midwest, where livestock have endured persistently cold conditions in December and January.

A stormy pattern ahead

Across the Corn Belt, light precipitation—mostly snow—associated with a cold front is occurring across the upper Midwest. Cold, windy conditions are returning in the front’s wake, maintaining stress on upper Midwestern livestock. Snow covers the northern and eastern Corn Belt, but winter wheat is exposed to potential weather extremes in the middle Mississippi Valley.

Cold wave persists across the Midwest

Across the Corn Belt, very cold conditions persist, although winds have become calm in the middle Mississippi Valley and have diminished elsewhere. Tuesday morning’s temperatures fell below 0° in most areas north of a line from northern Missouri to southern Indiana.

Major cold wave dominates the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, sub-zero cold has returned to the upper Midwest, accompanied by gusty winds and dangerously low wind chill temperatures. Monday morning’s temperatures fell below -20° in parts of Minnesota and the eastern Dakotas, maintaining stress on winter-weary livestock.

Wind, snow & more severe cold for the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, mild air is temporarily overspreading the upper Midwest, accompanied by a few snow showers. Cold weather persists across the remainder of the Midwest; sub-zero temperatures were noted Friday morning in the eastern Corn Belt as far south as the Ohio River.

Cold wave dominates eastern Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, snow flurries and showers accompany very cold conditions. Wednesday morning’s temperatures fell below 0° in many areas north and east of a line from the upper Mississippi Valley to the middle Ohio Valley.

A cold pattern from the Mississippi River, eastward

Across the Corn Belt, breezy conditions and below-normal temperatures prevail in the wake of a cold front’s passage. In addition, snow showers linger across the Ohio Valley and the Great Lakes region. Newly fallen snow includes 3 inches in both Des Moines, Iowa, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Colder air on the move

Across the Corn Belt, colder weather accompanies snow showers, which are occurring mainly in the Great Lakes States. Wednesday morning’s temperatures fell below 0° in the far upper Midwest.

Drought issues on the central, southern Plains

Across the Corn Belt, snow showers accompany a surge of colder air into the upper Midwest. In contrast, mild, dry weather prevails across the southern and eastern Corn Belt. Snow depths continue to diminish in the Great Lakes region; for example, the current snow depth of 5 inches in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is down from 14 inches a week ago.

Frigid weather persists across the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, frigid conditions persist, with Tuesday morning’s temperatures falling below 0° in nearly all locations. A deep snow cover and snow drifts continue to complicate travel in the central and eastern Corn Belt, where current snow depths include 13 inches in Rockford, Illinois, and Indianapolis, Indiana.