The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

Finally...Winter's first storm of the season arrives.

An upper level storm system will strengthen as it tracks across the region today, producing accumulating snow, a stout wind and slowly falling temperatures.

Snow is expected to begin prior to sunrise west of the Illinois River and spread east, reaching the Indiana-border by noontime.

Mild, snowless weather across the Midwest...for now

Across the Corn Belt, mild, dry weather is maintaining an unusual absence of snow cover. In fact, record-setting warmth covers the upper Midwest, where today’s high temperatures will approach 50°F.

On the Plains, record-setting warmth continues in parts of Nebraska and the Dakotas, but slightly cooler air is overspreading Montana.

Unseasonably mild, dry weather continues...for now

In the Corn Belt, unusual warmth is expanding eastward. As a result, cold air is retreating from the eastern Corn Belt, where producers have had a few days to try to harvest any remaining corn.

On the Plains, record-setting warmth persists, especially across northern areas. A few wildfires have developed on Montana’s High Plains, in part due to warm, windy weather.

A typical January feel

A cold northwest wind will prevail but with much less speed for today.  Despite abundant sunshine, temperatures will remain well-below seasonal expectations.

A moderating trend in temperatures will settle over the region on Wednesday and then continue through the end of the week, with high temperatures in the 40s for Thursday and the lower 50s by Friday.  Cooler, more seasonal

A virtually snowless Winter, thus far

Snow has been hard to come by so far this winter.  No reporting sites in central Illinois have reported an inch or more of snowfall through Christmas.  This is in stark contrast to recent Decembers which started-off as active snow seasons.  Precipitation has actually been above normal for the past several weeks, but mild air masses have allowed almost everything to fall in liquid

A mild pattern continues, but big changes are ahead

Across the Corn Belt, a few rain and snow showers dot the Great Lakes region, while mild, dry weather prevails elsewhere. The warmest weather, relative to normal, continues across the western Corn Belt, where drought is gradually expanding and intensifying.

On the Plains, mild air continues to expand across the region.

No "White Christmas" for most across the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, slightly cooler air is overspreading eastern portions of the region, where final corn harvest efforts remain largely on hold. In contrast, mild, dry conditions persist in the upper Midwest, where many communities are experiencing a rare holiday season without any snow on the ground.

On the Plains, dry weather prevails.

Rain, some wet snow lingers in parts of the eastern Corn Belt

In the Corn Belt, mild, dry weather in the upper Midwest contrasts with rainy weather across eastern portions of the region. Final corn harvesting efforts remain on hold in Ohio and a few neighboring areas.

On the Plains, dry weather prevails, except for some snow showers across northern areas.

Precipitation developing on the central & southern Plains

Across the Corn Belt, most autumn fieldwork is complete, except for some remaining corn to harvest across eastern portions of the region. In Ohio and neighboring states, however, corn will have to remain standing in the field until soils fully freeze.

On the Plains, drought-easing rains are returning to southern parts of the region.

Fair weather across most of the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, dry weather and near-normal temperatures prevail. Eastern Corn Belt producers with corn left in the field continue to wait for saturated soils to freeze before proceeding with harvest.

On the Plains, chilly conditions across southern areas contrast with mild, dry weather farther north.