The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

Fieldwork largely at a stand still across the Corn belt

Across the Corn Belt, rain has mostly ended, although fields remain too wet in many areas for planting activities. In recent days, rain has been heaviest (locally 2 to 4 inches or more) across the southern and western Corn Belt.

More cool, wet weather for the weekend

Across the Corn Belt, cool, mostly dry weather prevails, although a few showers linger in the vicinity of the Great Lakes. The cool conditions are slowing the emergence and growth of recently planted corn.

Widespread rains to return for the weekend

Across the Corn Belt, rain lingers across northern and eastern sections of the region, maintaining a slow pace of fieldwork in the wake of last week’s rapid advance in corn planting. From 1995-2016, the years that at least 30% of the intended U.S. corn acreage had been planted by April 24 were 2010 (46%), 2012 (35%), 2004 (35%), 2005 (30%), and 2016 (30%).

Wet pattern expanding across the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, cool weather prevails. In fact, frost and scattered freezes were noted Wednesday morning as far south as Wisconsin and Michigan. Meanwhile, wet weather has stalled fieldwork in the southwestern Corn Belt, following a quick start to the corn planting season.

Rain, cooler air all on-the-move

Across the Corn Belt, warmth lingers across the lower Ohio and middle Mississippi Valleys, but cooler air has arrived elsewhere. Some strong thunderstorms are erupting across the southwestern Corn Belt. Among the major production states, Missouri led the nation on April 24 with 81% of its intended corn acreage planted.

Warm, mostly dry weather across the Midwest

Across the Corn Belt, cool, rainy weather prevails across northernmost areas, including the far upper Midwest and portions of the Great Lakes region. Warmth covers the remainder of the Midwest. In the Ohio Valley, warm, dry conditions are promoting an acceleration of fieldwork.

Corn Belt fieldwork slowed by scattered showers

Across the Corn Belt, fieldwork, including corn planting, has been slowed by scattered showers. Currently, most of the rain is falling in the eastern Corn Belt. Prior to the rain, on April 17, Midwestern topsoil moisture surpluses were greatest in Michigan (54% surplus) and Ohio (38%).

Scattered showers arrive in the eastern Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, scattered showers are slowing a previously rapid pace of fieldwork, especially in the Mississippi Valley. By April 17, Missouri led the Midwest with 58% of its intended corn acreage planted, compared to the 5-year average of 21%.

More warm, dry weather across the Midwest

Across the Corn Belt, rain showers are limited to western sections of the region, including the middle Missouri Valley. Elsewhere, warm, dry weather favors an acceleration of fieldwork, such as corn planting.

Near-perfect weather across the Corn Belt

On the Plains, wet snow is blanketing portions of northern and western Montana. Meanwhile, rain showers stretch southward from the Dakotas into Kansas. However, dry weather prevails across the southern Plains in advance of an approaching storm system.