The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

Wetter spells returning to much of the Midwest

Across the Corn Belt, Frost and Freeze Warnings were in effect again Tuesday morning across the lower Great Lakes region, including Michigan and northern and eastern Ohio. Meanwhile, showers in the vicinity of a warm front extend across parts of Illinois and Indiana. Warmth is building into the middle Mississippi Valley, helping to dry out soggy fields in the wake of a significant flood event.

A much-needed drier weather pattern ahead

On the Plains, warm, dry weather prevails. Some of the warmest weather is occurring on the northern Plains, where Friday’s high temperatures will range from 80 to 90°. Activities include an acceleration of previously delayed spring wheat planting on the northern Plains and assessments of winter wheat damage and livestock losses in blizzard-affected areas of western Kansas and environs.

A drier, more seasonal May pattern ahead

Across the Corn Belt, soaking rain continues to prevent fieldwork from the middle Mississippi Valley into the lower Great Lakes region. Prior to this storm, topsoil moisture was at least half surplus in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. In contrast, upper Midwestern fieldwork is accelerating, despite cool conditions.

More rain ahead to exascerbate flooding

On the Plains, mild weather is returning to Texas, but chilly conditions persist farther north. Recovery efforts continue in areas hardest hit by the weekend blizzard, which was most severe in western Kansas and environs. Producers in the blizzard-affected region continue to assess wheat and livestock losses.

Most Midwestern fieldwork at a standstill

Across the Corn Belt, a mix of rain and snow is falling across the upper Midwest, where fieldwork is at a standstill. Meanwhile, showers and thunderstorms are crossing the eastern Corn Belt.

Everything but the "Kitchen Sink" in the days to come

Across the Corn Belt, warmth lingers across portions of the Ohio Valley. Elsewhere, below-normal temperatures and pockets of surplus soil moisture are limiting fieldwork and slowing corn emergence. In the upper Midwest, this morning’s low temperatures dipped well below the freezing mark as far south as northern Iowa.

Not only rain, but even colder days to return

Across the Corn Belt, soaking rain is falling across portions of the upper Midwest, including Wisconsin and northern Illinois, curtailing fieldwork. Some wet snow is falling across the upper Great Lakes region. Unusually cold, breezy weather covers the western Corn Belt, where widespread freezes occurred early Thursday northwest of a line from eastern Nebraska to central Minnesota.

Active, moisture-laden weather ahead

Across the Corn Belt, a mix of rain and snow is falling across the upper Great Lakes region. Markedly colder air is sweeping across the western Corn Belt, while warmth lingers east of the Mississippi River. Showers and a few thunderstorms are occurring near the boundary between warm and cold air. Michigan leads the Midwest in topsoil moisture rated surplus—59% on April 23.

A shift in weather ahead by the weekend

Across the Corn Belt, warm, dry weather favors a limited return to corn planting and other spring fieldwork, as conditions permit. Some of the best opportunities for fieldwork are occurring in the southern Corn Belt, which has received only light rain in recent days.