The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

A mid-Winter look and feel across the Corn Belt

On the Plains, generally cool, dry weather prevails. However, warmer air is just starting to overspread the High Plains. On the northern Plains, scattered snow showers are occurring in the vicinity of a warm front.

A colder, more Winter-like pattern evolving

On the Plains, cool, dry weather prevails. Conditions are especially harsh in North Dakota and environs, where widespread sub-zero temperatures early Friday are being accompanied by snow showers.

High wind, fire risks across the Heartland

On the Plains, an elevated to critical risk of wildfires persists in parts of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Crews continue to attempt to contain the rash of fires that flared on Monday, and to monitor for any signs of new activity. Farther north, very cold, breezy weather prevails in Montana and North Dakota.

Colder; late-season snows ahead

Across the Corn Belt, recovery efforts are underway from Monday’s severe weather outbreak, which covered a broad area centered on Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. Currently, showers and thunderstorms continue to cross the southern and eastern Corn Belt, although the threat of wind damage and isolated tornadoes has diminished.

An active pattern to resume across the Heartland

On the Plains, a storm system centered over the western Dakotas is producing widespread windy conditions Warmth lingers across the eastern Plains, but sharply colder air is arriving across the northern High Plains. West of the storm’s center, wind-driven snow is developing across eastern Montana and environs.

Winter cold briefly settles into parts of the Corn Belt

On the Plains, dry weather accompanies a warming trend. The warmest weather, relative to normal, is occurring across the northern and central High Plains.

In the Corn Belt, a few snow showers linger downwind of the Great Lakes. Otherwise, cold, dry weather prevails. Friday morning’s low temperatures dipped below 10° across the northern tier of the Corn Belt.

A reminder of Winter remains in the air, on the ground

On the Plains, dry weather accompanies a gradual warming trend. Exceptions include eastern North Dakota, where frigid, sub-zero temperatures were noted early Thursday, and Montana, where snow showers are occurring.

February ends "like a lion" across the Midwest

On the Plains, cool, mostly dry weather prevails in the wake of a cold front’s passage. A few snow showers linger across the Dakotas. Topsoil moisture shortages are apparent in drought-affected areas of the central and southern Plains; very short to short ratings include 55% in Kansas, 46% Colorado, and 42% in Oklahoma.

A big change in weather

On the Plains, a cold front draped across central portions of the region separates cold air to the north from warm weather farther south. Despite an increase in cloudiness, mostly dry weather prevails. Across portions of the central and southern Plains, prematurely vegetative winter wheat would benefit from rain.

More early Spring-like weather ahead this week

On the Plains, warm, dry, windy conditions are leading to an elevated to critical risk of wildfires from eastern Colorado and western Kansas southward. In contrast, cold weather covers the northern Plains, accompanied by a few snow showers. Snow from the recent storm remains on the ground in much of Nebraska and environs.