The Weather Front On-Line

The Weather Front On-Line

A stormy pattern out West

On the Plains, very cold weather prevails. However, sub-zero temperatures are limited to the northern half of the region, where a variable snow cover is providing winter wheat with some insulation. Currently, light but beneficial snow is falling across winter wheat areas of the central Plains, where drought is a concern.

Bitter cold covers parts of the Heartland

On the Plains, Wednesday morning’s low temperatures dipped to near 0° as far south as northwestern Kansas. Readings below -20° were reported in parts of North Dakota and Montana. A band of light snow is spreading across Nebraska and environs, providing winter wheat with some protection from the cold weather. Snow from earlier storms covers much of Montana and the Dakotas.

Much colder air on the move

On the Plains, lingering warmth is confined to the southern half of Texas. Elsewhere, windy, markedly colder weather prevails. Tuesday morning’s temperatures plunged below -20° in parts of Montana; however, most winter wheat-production areas that experienced sub-zero readings had a protective snow cover.

A change in weather for the early days of 2017

On the Plains, dry weather is exacerbating drought in southern portions of the region. In particular, winter wheat is poorly established from eastern Colorado into Kansas and Oklahoma, where moisture is sorely needed to stabilize a crop stressed by autumn dryness and recent temperature extremes.

Sharply colder days ahead for the Midwest

On the Plains, dry weather prevails. Overwintering wheat in drought-affected areas, primarily from eastern Colorado into Kansas and Oklahoma, remains in need of moisture to help stabilize a crop that has was stressed by dryness during the establishment period and more recently has been subjected to temperature extremes.

A cold wave pattern ahead

On the Plains, mild, dry weather prevails. Portions of the central and southern Plains—particularly in Kansas and Oklahoma—are very dry, maintaining concerns about the health of overwintering wheat.

Sharply colder air on the way

On the Plains, cold weather is hampering storm recovery efforts across the Dakotas and environs in the wake of a holiday weekend blizzard. Current snow depths include 9 inches in both Grand Forks, North Dakota, and Billings, Montana. Meanwhile, pockets of developing drought remain a concern with respect to overwintering wheat across portions of the central and southern Plains.

A Christmas storm on parts of the Plains

On the Plains, a wintry mix of precipitation lingers Friday morning from Nebraska to Oklahoma, otherwise mostly dry weather prevails for the time being.

In the Corn Belt, precipitation moving through the Mississippi Valley will reach the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes Region by Friday evening, with pockets of freezing rain and snow possible in more northerly areas.

Winter storm headed for the upper Midwest

On the Plains, dry weather prevails, although clouds are thickening across southern areas. The northern Plains are experiencing another day of mild weather, which is further eroding winter wheat’s protective snow cover.

Milder; A northern Plains Christmas Winter Storm

On the Plains, mild, dry weather prevails, despite an increase in cloudiness. On the northern High Plains, windy conditions and above-normal temperatures are eroding winter wheat’s protective snow cover. Snow has largely disappeared from the central High Plains, where additional moisture and insulation would benefit wheat that has been stressed by developing drought.