Larry Kanfer Gallery

Widely regarded as one of the finest photographic artists of his generation, Larry Kanfer has a remarkable ability to identify what people love about a place, and convey that in two dimensions. Recognized for his attention to subtle details and ability to "conjure up images that are uniquely and disinctly American" (Washington Post). Larry Kanfer "endows the ordinary landscape with an almost magical sense of beauty" (Associated Press).

The Larry Kanfer Gallery in Champaign features all of the major Kanfer portfolios including Prairiescapes, University of Illinois, upper Midwest, coast-to-coast, and European. A full range of products such as notecards, the annual Prairiescapes Calendar, and coffee table books make great gifts. Original photographs in a variety of sizes, beginning at an 8x10, are available framed or unframed. Preselect online at

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2503 S Neil St
Champaign, Illinois 61820