The Pantry

The Pantry is a wonderful little cafe.
They're open:
Tues/Wed, 8:30a-5:30p
Thurs/Fri, 8:30a-8p
Sat, 8:30a-3p

The Pantry is a great place to go for a specialty coffee, a snack or a meal! Their motto is "we make it from you don't have to!"
When you're shopping at the Outlet Mall, it's right there across from the Gap!

Their menu includes any of the mochas, chais & teas you might want.

For breakfast, you could have stuffed french toast, or maybe a breakfast sandwich! For a snack, lunch or dinner, try "Grandma Sue's
& Salad"...with romaine, swiss, red onions, strawberries & cashews...or what about "Brian's Roast Beef Sandwich" with roasted red peppers, several cheeses and jalapeno lime mayo!...Don't forget the delicious homemade pastries!

The only thing you can say is - DELISH!! There's lots more...salads, sandwiches, sides, etc.

Logo for The Pantry
1199 Tuscola Blvd
Tuscola, Illinois 61953