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All Agriculture Content

UI Ag researchers look 50 years ahead

Models of the expected impact from global warming in the next 50 years have assumed that a warmer climate and drier soil would be bad for crops in many parts of the world, East Central Illinois among them.

UI mulls selling more farmland at Allerton

MONTICELLO – Bridges – and roads, for that matter – apparently are not sexy.

At least not with donors.

And state agencies are not exactly rushing to repair or replace the crumbling bridge and bumpy roads within Allerton Park anytime soon.

Meanwhile, cracked paths need to be fixed. Garden walls need to be repaired.

New club promotes eating organic foods grown in the area

URBANA – Canned peas or fresh peas?

Rebecca Russell will take fresh vegetables any day. And if they were grown locally, well, that's even better.

Russell is the force behind a new University of Illinois student organization called Just.Food. She and other students want to raise awareness about the benefits of eating locally grown, organic produce.

Profits wilt as planting costs grow significantly

TOLONO – Racing approaching storms, John Reifsteck finished planting his soybeans Wednesday and took time to think about the business of raising and selling crops.

He said he made some decisions this year to reduce rapidly rising costs.

Conservationist making sure farmers follow plan for their land

BROADLANDS – Kevin Donoho looked at Joe Rothermel's field, full of tiny corn plants, and he liked what he saw.

'Carefree' farming

RURAL MONTICELLO – Fred and Ginger are living the good life.

They have a brand-new dog house, a doting human and 3 acres to romp and bark at wildlife to their hearts' content. The barking-at-wildlife part is actually their job.

Firm plans Royal ethanol facility

ROYAL – An Indiana agribusiness company is planning to build a 100-million-gallon ethanol plant in this rural Champaign County town.

JBS United, which operates several grain elevators in Illinois and Michigan, including one in Royal, announced Thursday it intends to construct the plant, but a company spokesperson declined to offer many details about the project.

Season's bounty can be reserved

If you've been thinking about getting involved with a community-supported agriculture program, now is the time to sign up.

Engineer envisions tractor that will warn driver of dangers

Except for maybe Hal of "2001: A Space Odyssey" fame or the possessed trucks in the 1986 film "Maximum Overdrive," machines have been pretty good helpmates for us human beings.

Especially when we're a little forgetful or reckless.

Several indicators suggest a dry spring

It's rained a lot this winter, but that doesn't mean the drought is over for Illinois.

In fact, if the coming spring is anything like last year's spring, the state's water resources could become depleted faster than they did in 2005, according to a recent report by the Illinois Drought Response Task Force.