Inspirational ending for 13th Ebertfest

CHAMPAIGN —  After losing a poetry slam at his Oregon school, Mike Millan, who had won it four consecutive times, never wrote a poem again.

Then he saw the documentary "Louder Than a Bomb," about a high school poetry slam, on Sunday at the 13th annual Roger Ebert's Film Festival at the Virginia Theatre.

'A Small Act' draws big ovation at Ebertfest

CHAMPAIGN — Roger Ebert was right on: His Ebertfest audience on Saturday gave Hilde Back and the documentary "A Small Act" a standing ovation, the first of his 13th annual film festival at the Virginia Theatre.

Ebertfest coverage roundup

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Director Linklater quizzes audience after Ebertfest screening

CHAMPAIGN — A relaxed and animated Richard Linklater turned the tables on the Ebertfest audience on Friday, asking trivia questions related to his movie, "Me and Orson Welles."

The prizes: large posters and soundtracks from the 2008 release, which was shown midway through the 13th annual Roger Ebert's Film Festival at the Virginia Theatre.

Plenty to tell about 'My Dog Tulip' at Ebertfest

CHAMPAIGN — J.R. Ackerley's book "My Dog Tulip" wouldn't work as a live-action film, animator Paul Fierlinger said after his animated movie adapted from the book was shown Thursday at Roger Ebert's Film Festival.

Ebertfest opening night 2011

A look at the first night of Ebertfest 2011 by University of Illinois journalism students Rachel Buller and Carly Doenges.

Ebertfest 13 kicks off

URBANA -- Donna Cox, who wears several big hats at the University of Illinois, has been too busy to attend Roger Ebert's Film Festival, particularly in recent years.

But this year she cleared her calendar for the five-day event to act with her partner Robert Patterson as a volunteer host for Ebertfest guests.

Roger Ebert's Film Festival 2011


 Photos from the Thirteenth Annual Roger Ebert's Film Festival in Champaign, IL.  Wednesday, April 27, 2011.

Ebertfest notebook: Film, and dogs, not for everyone

URBANA -- Not everyone likes "My Dog Tulip," its co-director told me Wednesday evening during the Ebertfest reception at the University of Illinois president's home.

"There's a lot of scatological stuff in it, and only true dog lovers can appreciate that," Paul Fierlinger said.

Alliance will repeat film after fest ends

CHAMPAIGN -- If you miss "Louder Than a Bomb" during Eberfest, you will have another chance to see the documentary on Sunday, right after Roger Ebert's Film Festival ends at the Virginia Theatre.