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Danville-grown chef making name with homegrown fare

CHICAGO – Jared Van Camp grew up in a home where growing a large garden followed by canning and preserving were the norm. His roots have stood him in good stead as he makes his own mark as a chef, specializing in using ingredients from local farmers.

"What my parents did made a big impact on me," said Van Camp, executive chef with Old Town Social in Chicago, which opened in late August this year.

After graduating from Danville High School, Van Camp, 31, attended the University of Illinois to study painting and sculpting.

Despite economy, new restaurants popping up in C-U

About four or five years ago when Victor Fuentes started mulling over the idea of a tapas bar in Urbana, the economy was booming and nationwide sales for the restaurant industry were setting records.

In the years following, Fuentes, owner of the El Toro regional chain of restaurants, opened new El Toros in west Champaign, Rantoul and Monticello, chose the location of the tapas restaurant in downtown Urbana (at 214 W. Main St., previously home to The Office bar), and extensively remodeled the space.

Slow Cooked: Defining 'easy' with 5-ingredient limit

Here's our second round of low-stress foods designed to make at least the dinners of your holiday season. These recipes adhere to our definition for an easy meal: fewer than five ingredients and requiring less than 20 minutes from fridge to slow cooker.

Tried and True: Cher Pollock's pumpkin cookies

These cookies are my kids' favorite. What's fun about them is that they look like brown blobs, but when you get people to taste them, they love them. I've sent them to college and their friends are like "yuck," but then they love them, too, once they taste them.

Pumpkin cookies with maple frosting

Cream together:

'Homegrown' for the holidays: Gifts from local merchants

Here are some gift ideas from local merchants and businesses:

Healthy cooking event scheduled for Monday

The St. Joseph Township-Swearingen Memorial Library is hosting a program called Healthy Holiday Cooking.

The event is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday and will feature Carol Shriver, a registered dietician for Provena. She will discuss healthy menus and healthy substitutes for holiday dishes. The program will feature food samples of her suggestions.

Slow cooked: Easy meals with 5 ingredients or fewer

The month of December is arguably the busiest of the year for some people. To help you out come dinner time, we've compiled several recipes that call for five ingredients or fewer and require less than 20 minutes of prep time. This meal practically makes itself. This is our first installment – you can look for more low-stress slow cooker recipes in next week's Food section, as well.

Slow Cooked: Delicious, easy each day after holiday

So after Thursday's big meal (and turkey sandwiches for lunch and dinner for the next day), you're bound to be getting pretty sick of your leftovers.

Don't worry, we've compiled some recipes perfect for your Thanksgiving leftovers. Plus, they're for your slow cooker, so they're bound to be easy and delicious.

Officials: Avoid, know dangers of turkey fryers

The thought of a moist, crispy turkey fried to perfection in minutes might sound tempting, but fire officials across the nation beg you to reconsider.

The Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal, the National Fire Protection Association and local fire departments urge cooks not to use turkey fryers.

Turkey tales, and other tragedies turned comic

The News-Gazette asked readers to share their humorous stories about Thanksgiving gatherings and they didn't let us down. It doesn't take much imagination to picture these scenes in your head.

A good friend always says, "Life is only as good as the stories you can tell."

These people, obviously, are leading good lives and we thank them for taking the time to share their stories with the rest of us.