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'Duck Dynasty' stars coming to Danville for Kennekuk event

DANVILLE — Cellular One of East Central Illinois is bringing two stars of A&E's reality show "Duck Dynasty" to Danville to benefit the new $6 million Environmental Education Center at Kennekuk County Park.

Si Robertson and his nephew, Jase Robertson, will make two appearances at the David S. Palmer Arena, 100 W. Main St., Danville.

Ebert getting physical therapy

Pulitzer Prize-winning movie critic Roger Ebert is back at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, this time for physical therapy after a bout of pneumonia.

His wife, Chaz, said Ebert had been in the institute for a fractured hip. After his release he came down with pneumonia. After that cleared up, he returned to the Rehabilitation Institute for physical therapy.

Paxton car cruise set for Saturday

PAXTON — With the high temperature hovering around 50 degrees in the forecast for Saturday, Debi Chapman-Hermann is not expecting Mother Nature to ruin the annual return of Paxton’s tradition of “Draggin’ Main.”

Philo Country Music Show is a return to the traditional — and it's gaining popularity

The Philo Country Music Show isn't set to start for a few minutes. But the venue — a small old school gym — is packed.

Nearly 300 folks, most of them senior citizens, sit expectantly in seats arranged in neat rows on the gym floor. A couple dozen more, including a few kids who seem to be the only ones using hand-held mobile devices, take to the bleachers.

Clubs listings March 28-April 4

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Figured out: Gard knows where he wants to be

He is an ace of bass, and you can dance to it.

Josh Gard donned the name Figure for his one-man band, began making electro house music, and then created all kinds of electronic and dance tunes.

Gard is giving away his Aesop Rock "Coffee" (Figure remix) on Soundcloud, and you can witness his live performance skills tonight (Thursday, March 28) at the Canopy Club in Urbana.

'Or,' hysterical, somewhat historical

URBANA — As Liz Duffy Adam's play, "Or," opens, the real-life character Aphra Behn, the first commercially successful female playwright in the Western tradition, languishes in debtors' jail, having not been paid for her work as a spy for King Charles II.

Film capsules, March 28

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Entertainment listings, March 28-April 4

A listing of events, provided by the venues. In case of an error, please click here to email online editor Mike Howie.

John Frayne: Remainder of spring semester will be busy in concert halls

With spring break over, the concert halls will be busy once again this weekend and also for April, the last full month of the academic year. A look ahead: