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Reluctant Townie: Still more musings on 'The Bachelor'

Yes, I know I've already written about "The Bachelor" once this year, and on top of that, this season of "The Bachelor" has been excruciatingly boring, the blame for which rests solely upon Bachelor Sean, who is basically a vanilla wafer with legs.

Gibson City man to be on 'American Pickers' in May

GIBSON CITY — Gibson City resident Ray Leisure and his collection of antiques will be featured in an episode of "American Pickers" that is scheduled to premiere May 27 on the History Channel, the show's producers said this week.

Rich Warren: The dog days aren't over -- and the dog's for sale

How much is that doggie in the window? Recently, we narrated the sorry tale of RCA, which owned the Nipper dog trademark in North America. Recently, the HMV Corporation in Great Britain, which owned the Nipper trademark for the United Kingdom, turned paws to the sky.

Rich Warren: Welcome to the salad days of Internet TV viewing choices

Which restaurant in town offers the best salad bar? One might offer more choices, but lack water chestnuts, which happen to be your favorite. Another might seem like a bargain, but serves wilted lettuce. No two salad bars in town array quite the same selection.

Home entertainment sources resemble a salad bar. Here's a reader letter that gets right down to the carrots:

Arts & Entertainment roundup

Tickets for Kid Cudi at UI Assembly Hall on sale Friday

CHAMPAIGN — General-public tickets for hip-hop artist Kid Cudi's March 30 performance at the University of Illinois Assembly Hall go on sale at 9 a.m. Friday.

Rich Warren: Clearly, 3-D TV wasn't the hit makers expected

You voted with your wallets, and I commend you. The electronic pundit consensus conceded that 3-D TV fell flat. The electronics industry tried to foist 3-D television upon you for the past three years, and you weren't buying it.

Travel show host making local stop for fundraiser

CHAMPAIGN — Popular travel show host and author Rick Steves will share what he's learned in 30 years of travel during a special fundraising event for Illinois Public Media at 6 p.m. March 14 at the I Hotel and Conference Center.

Rich Warren: Sony has been surpassed as a TV titan

Here's a question from one reader, and it's a common query:

"I have a Sony WEGA 24-inch television set that is 13 years old and has never needed any service on it. It still has a good picture and very good audio. Of course, the picture is small compared to today's sets, and I'm contemplating buying a new one.

Rich Warren: A look into the future of electronics

Behold the annual ritual powering up of the crystal ball, which now is flexible.

Thanks to Corning's new Willow Glass, future electronic products slim down while gaining flexibility.

Rich Warren: DVR recording issues have no simple fix

A few weeks ago, we attempted to help a family recover TV shows from a DVR after that family changed satellite providers. I made some general comments along with suggesting the person could remove the hard drive and install it in a standard PC. A reader with more experience than I have with this clarified: