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Two friends take trip of a lifetime

By SUSAN HUDSPATH-MAY/For The News-Gazette

I have always loved to travel, but most of my traveling has consisted of driving to my destination and camping.

Travel: Slovenia's countryside, quaintness worth the trip

By Bridget McLeese Frerichs

The common reactions we received after detailing our upcoming travel plans were curious looks and questions. "How did you pick Slovenia?" "Is there still a war going on there?"

Island getaway a great place to eat, drink, be merry

By Leslie Sweet Myrick

Salt Lake City: Genealogy and so much more


A mountainous capital city and a university town, Salt Lake City offers the opportunity to explore your family roots in its expansive international genealogy library.

Lincoln film may spark tourism in area

CHAMPAIGN — County tourism officials are trying to take advantage of momentum from a Steven Spielberg-directed film about the life of Abraham Lincoln.

They think the feature film will spark new interest in Lincoln from a new generation.

Places to visit that are just, well, superior


Whether you are in Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan, traveling along the coast of Lake Superior, you will be enamored at the spectacular scenery in some of the most unexplored but glorious parts of the United States.

Reader's travel: Museum display that gets to the bottom of it all

By VIVIENNE MACKIE/For The News-Gazette

This is not about a crypt, an archaeological site or catacombs under a city. No, this is about underwear. Corset. Chemise. Drawers. Petticoat. Crinoline. Girdle. Bra. Pantaloons. Thong.

B-17 flight to Rantoul delayed

The arrival of a World War II-era bomber due to fly into Rantoul Friday afternnon has been delayed, possibly until Saturday. The B-17 bomber Texas Raiders was scheduled to fly into the Rantoul airport Friday afternoon and will stay through Tuesday.

Tour touts tourism in Illinois

CHAMPAIGN — Times may be tight, but spending by tourists in Illinois continues to grow at rates outpacing inflation.

In 2011, tourism generated $31.8 billion in revenues statewide, up 8.4 percent from the previous year, said Jan Kostner, deputy director of the Illinois Office of Tourism.

Tuscola a finalist for steam locomotive visit

TUSCOLA – Tuscola is one of four finalist cities with a chance to host a classic Union Pacific steam train later this year.