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Anniversary tour of Michigan was a pleasant adventure

Our 40th anniversary celebration was an adventure trip. As our present to ourselves, Linda and I decided to explore Michigan on our way to a wedding.

Campgrounds offer cheap place to make your own fun

OAKWOOD – Just because the economy's no fun doesn't mean there's no fun to be had.

Ian Hoffman and Sara Hicks, both teachers from the Chicago suburbs, planned a four-day camping trip to Kickapoo State Park west of Danville for less than $100 – total.

Lincoln's home opening new exhibits for 200th birthday

The historic home of Abraham Lincoln, his wife, Mary, and four sons will be open with new programs this summer in Springfield to celebrate the president's 200th birthday.

A new Living History program will feature staff and volunteers dressed in the fashion of the mid-19th century.

Civil War re-enactment will have authentic look, sound

CHAMPAIGN – For the past decade or so, University of Illinois senior Mackenzie Martin has had fun with her family, traveling on weekends to parks to camp out and bring to life the Civil War.

On Friday afternoon, Martin, her four brothers and their parents from Downers Grove will join other Civil War re-enactors to do the same, this time on the street in front of the Virginia Theatre.

How to get lucky in Vegas: Spend time not gambling

My partner and I went to Las Vegas over the long Memorial Day weekend to give Lady Luck a chance. Airfare and hotel were part of a package deal that cost about $850 for five nights for two people (booked about two months prior).

We stayed at Bally's on the Strip and were able to get a room with a partial view of the Bellagio's fountains. If you go to Las Vegas, don't miss the beautiful spectacle of Bellagio's choreographed water shows.

Urbana native's New York salon takes 'snob factor' out

URBANA – Gabriella New York Bridal Salon is one of the more hip places to shop in the Big Apple.

Buy a dress from Gabriella, and you're buying from an Urbana High School and University of Illinois graduate who never dreamed she'd be in the fashion business.

Wilderness Volunteers give back while on vacation

ESCALANTE, Utah – If you want to help the environment and don't mind foregoing the luxuries of a five-star hotel for the inconveniencies of a tent below a sky full of stars, then here's a wonderful outdoor opportunity.

Each year from spring through fall, the nonprofit organization, Wilderness Volunteers, offers a lineup of trips in some of the country's most naturally beautiful, and sometimes remote, places where volunteers spend a week camping, sweating and doing some basic physical labor, working on various projects, including trail maintenance, habitat restoration and more.

Yes, a working vacation.

Area towns plan busy weekend for Drivin' the Dixie festival

Several cities and villages along the Dixie Highway (Illinois 1) are planning to keep participants in this year's Drivin' the Dixie event, visitors and area residents busy all weekend.

Both Rossville with a concert and Danville by celebrating the Custard Cup's 60 years on the Dixie Highway will kick off the weekend of events surrounding a trek of cars from Danville to Momence. People from the northern part of the state participate by driving south from Blue Island and meeting drivers coming north.

A jolly old time meandering through United Kingdom

Vacationing in chilly temperatures in the United Kingdom is probably not how most couples imagine spending their honeymoons, but it was just perfect for me and my new husband last June.

We had no desire to sip margaritas on a white sand beach on some tropical island. Plus, you put two very fair-skinned individuals who abhor the heat anywhere near a tropical climate and you'll end up with a pair of crispy newlyweds.

Photographer's flag shots capture everyday patriotism

Several years ago while visiting Sweden with his Swedish wife, photographer Jason Lindsey gained a different perspective on how others view America.

He noticed that most Swedes, though worldly, have a narrow view of what Americans are like. He understood that's typical when any culture knows another one mainly through television and other media.