Arts and Entertainment

Arts and Entertainment

UI visitors use production to tackle race issues

CHAMPAIGN – When director Rene Moreno first heard the writers and performers of "N*GGER WETB*CK CH*NK" talking about their show on his car radio, he sat in his driveway and stayed there.

"I had to finish listening to them," said the visiting director from Dallas. Moreno was struck by the cast members' stories and how "they were talking about my life ... how race provides some opportunities, but also stops you at the door."

Red Mask kids take on twisted fairy tale

DANVILLE – Debbie Prentice likes being around children. She drives a school bus, so she's used to their enthusiasm.

But Prentice is working with children in a different way now, by directing the latest Red Mask Players Children's Theater production, "Wooing Wed Widing Hood."

Interest high in Allerton Park music barn fest

MONTICELLO – Ticket sales for the inaugural Allerton Barn Music Festival got off to a slow start but surged in recent weeks.

Now a limited number of tickets are available for only three of the five shows, which start tonight and continue to Monday night.

Fundraiser will be held at Iron Post in Urbana

URBANA – A benefit concert for the new Community Center for the Arts (C4A) at Lincoln Square Village will take place Saturday evening at the Iron Post in downtown Urbana.

Admission is a minimum donation of $5.

Museum director: Air show will return

RANTOUL – Though attendance was lower than hoped, officials at the Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum plan to hold future air shows.

Hal Loebach, the museum's executive director, said this week that the attendance figures – 3,000 total for Saturday and Sunday – "were disappointing but not unexpected. We will have the air show next year but have not set a date. We'd like to have it earlier, when there is less chance of roasting."

Book's release draws thousands to area stores

On the eve of "Hallows," witches, wizards and Muggles alike roamed the aisles of bookstores in Champaign and Savoy by the thousands, eagerly awaiting the final chapter in the Harry Potter series.

At 12:01 a.m. today, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," was officially released, the boxes finally opened, and the wait finally over, a decade after J.K. Rowling's magically popular series began.

Midnight no problem as Harry Potter fans flock to see movie

SAVOY – Hours before midnight, the Harry Potter madness had already begun.

At the Savoy 16, theater manager Jeremy Curtis said more than 1,500 tickets were sold – and nine theaters filled – for the Tuesday night opening of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."

Champaign mayor not inclined to take up elephant issue

CHAMPAIGN – With a circus set to come to Champaign on Friday and Saturday, an animal rights organization is urging city council members to enact an ordinance banning the use of devices that can cause pain or injury to elephants.

But the mayor of Champaign says he doesn't plan to take up the issue.

Fireworks laws, while often ignored, exist for safety reasons

Officials recommend that it's best to leave fireworks to trained professionals who have permits to use them.

Champaign Fire Department spokeswoman Dena Schumacher said the sights and sounds of fireworks are mesmerizing.

Majority of characters in the, well, majority

In video games, it's a man's world, a white world and a world without a lot of senior citizens.

Don't expect to see many American Indians, either, or Hispanics. You'll find a fair number of blacks.