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Expect lots of talking before downtown project goes forward

URBANA — Whatever happens with Champaign architect and developer Gary Olsen's mammoth Metro Centre project proposed for downtown Urbana, it won't happen quickly.

Urbana council supportive of downtown proposal

URBANA — Urbana City Council members expressed interest Monday night in supporting a multi-use downtown development that eventually could cost as much as $84 million.

A six-story development in downtown Urbana?

URBANA — A Champaign architect and developer has proposed construction of a multimillion-dollar mixed-use project across Vine Street from the federal courthouse and the Lincoln Square Village in downtown Urbana.

New Habitat homeowner feels 'so blessed'

DANVILLE — Candace McNeal says she has much to be thankful for, especially this year.

That's because on Sunday, Habitat for Humanity of Danville officials will hand McNeal and her three children the keys to their new home.

Danville considers changing vacant-building ordinance

DANVILLE — Landlord Jerry Hawker has purchased and renovated 10 vacant buildings in Danville but hasn't invested in any new properties since the city passed its vacant-building ordinance two years ago.

That may change now that the city is considering revising the ordinance, based on suggestions from the Danville Area Landlord Association, of which Hawker is a member.

Apartment complex to begin construction near Parkland

CHAMPAIGN — Parkland College students looking for a place to live near campus will have a new option available to them next fall.

A 111-unit apartment complex is slated to be built close to the college on land that, for now, is property of the Champaign Park District.

Spring buying boosts U.S. home prices for 4th month

DEREK KRAVITZ,AP Real Estate Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) — Home prices rose for a fourth straight month in most major U.S. cities in July, buoyed by the peak buying season. But the housing market remains depressed, and prices are expected to decline in the coming months.

Law allows landlords to claim multiple homestead exemptions

Call it a "quirk" or "loophole" in the Illinois Property Tax Code.

Some area landlords are taking advantage of a provision and reading of the tax code that lowers assessments on their properties, in effect reducing their tax obligations and shifting the tax burden to others.

Condo project in Champaign has new developer

CHAMPAIGN — About two years after a foreclosure complaint was filed against the original developer of a Champaign condominium project, the Villas at Ashland Farm has a new developer.

Danville area's 8.2% foreclosure rate ranked 26th highest in nation

A national study of foreclosure rates last spring showed the Danville metropolitan area had one of the highest rates in the nation.

The study, by, showed that in March, 8.2 percent of mortgages in the Danville area were in foreclosure. Of 366 metropolitan areas, Danville had the 26th highest rate in the nation.