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Residents wonder why some driveways aren't getting fixed during construction

CHAMPAIGN – For residents of central Champaign, summer 2006 likely will be remembered for the multiple road construction projects under way.

For the most part, residents of Green, John and Healey streets – all of which are under construction east of Prospect Avenue – are pleased to see their streets being improved. They say they're willing to put up with construction inconveniences like noise, dust and parking on side streets.

Full tanks equal empty wallets

URBANA – Lorean Howard of Urbana was driving down Main Street in Urbana on Friday morning when she decided to stop for something to eat.

And then she saw it – the ominous light on her dashboard that flickers on when the gas tank is nearly empty.

Dry cleaner declares bankruptcy

A longtime Champaign-Urbana dry-cleaning business has closed its doors because of the increasing costs of doing business, particularly complying with government regulations, its owner said.

Denny Lincicome, owner of Denny's Professional Cleaners & Launderers, said he closed his two locations in Urbana and one on Kirby Avenue in Champaign on Thursday morning, the same day the business filed for bankruptcy.

Frerichs repeats relief plans during small-town visit

OAKWOOD – Chelsey DeYoung takes home less than $400 a month from her summer job at the Oakwood Public Library but spends almost $50 a month driving from her home in Fithian.

The 16-year-old is trying to save money for college.

Seismic studies next on agenda for FutureGen sites

TUSCOLA – Representatives from Tuscola and Mattoon, back from a two-day meeting in Pittsburgh, say the sessions were helpful in explaining what the cities need to do to win the proposed FutureGen plant.

They reviewed the technical aspects of the environment work the cities have to do, said Brian Moody, director of Tuscola's economic development efforts. And they asked a lot of questions.

UI researchers creating tools to lessen software headaches

Your Web browser quits and interrupts your blissful surfing.

The video game that's currently dominating your life crashes just as you're about to wipe out the enemy forces and complete the penultimate level.

Rain blamed for drop in fair attendance

URBANA – Rain, even more than the recent heat wave, is being blamed for a drop in attendance at this year's Champaign County Fair.

Final figures have not been determined, but total attendance for the 154th fair was between 48,000 and 49,000, according to Champaign County Fair Manager Karen Duffin.

Shiloh shop program going for $1.5 million federal grant

HUME – Shiloh High School's industrial technology program – the one that received national attention for making wood-framed glasses featured in "Vogue" and Martha Stewart's new magazine "Blue Print" – could be receiving a $1.5 million grant.

If it does, Mark Smith's shop program will become a learning center for other high schools in the area, and even some of the community colleges, nearby universities and industry workers.

Author brings ideas for success to Mahomet

MAHOMET – Mahomet may be able to spark economic development by tapping University of Illinois resources and drawing on young people who grew up in Mahomet and want to return, an expert on small-town development says.

About 100 Mahomet residents showed up at Grace Church on Tuesday evening to hear "Boomtown" author Jack Schultz talk about how the village can attract businesses and achieve success.

Timetable for assessing plant sites set

A rapid timetable has been set for completing environmental assessments of possible sites for the $1 billion FutureGen power plant.

Jack Lavin, head of the state's Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, said in a phone interview Tuesday that FutureGen officials expect site assessment work for the Mattoon and Tuscola sites to be submitted by Nov. 17.