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UI Research Park may get more Net provider options

CHAMPAIGN — Tenants in the University of Illinois Research Park may soon have more choices of Internet providers, and potentially service at lower rates.

The research park also is moving ahead with plans to eventually hook up to the Big Broadband fiber optic network being installed around Champaign-Urbana as part of the $31 million UC2B project.

Six groups considered bid for Volition

CHAMPAIGN — Six different groups looked at buying the Volition video-game studio before it was auctioned off to Koch Media last week, Volition's general manager said.

Warner Bros., Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft, Koch Media and a group from the Chicago area each visited Volition in the two weeks or so preceding the auction to size up the studio, Dan Cermak said.

THQ auction clouds Volition future

CHAMPAIGN — An analyst who covers the video game industry said Volition's "Saints Row" franchise will probably attract interest when Volition's parent company auctions off its assets Tuesday.

Dow to open 'innovation center' at Research Park

CHAMPAIGN — Dow Chemical Co. plans to open an "innovation center" in the University of Illinois Research Park, the company announced Monday.

The center will develop data management solutions for research and development organizations throughout the company.

Volition could be sold separately in THQ auction

CHAMPAIGN — The Volition video-game studio and some of its game titles could be sold off separately as the result of a scheduled auction of THQ Inc.'s assets later this month.

Bids on the assets are due Jan. 22, and Volition and some of its games — namely "Saints Row" and its sequels — are considered among the most highly prized assets.

Firm uses Kickstarter to bring water-sensor system to market

CHAMPAIGN — Local business start-up Oso Technologies has turned to the Kickstarter "crowdfunding" website in hopes of raising $75,000.

That money would help the company make sensors that tell people when their plants need watering.

The Champaign-based company was started in 2011 by five University of Illinois graduate students.

Video-conferencing firm Nuvixa changes name to Personify

CHAMPAIGN — Nuvixa, a start-up company at the University of Illinois, has changed its name to Personify.

The company, formed in 2009, provides technology that allows people making presentations to put live images of themselves into the content. The technology can be used in video calls and online meetings, such as Web conferences.

Freeport-based company acquires Champaign engineering firm

CHAMPAIGN — Sodemann and Associates, an engineering firm in Champaign since 1955, has been acquired by Freeport-based Fehr Graham, the companies announced today.

Fehr Graham, founded in 1973 by Allen Fehr and Joseph Graham, in the last year had more than 90 professionals working in five offices in Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

No local creditors among largest claims against THQ

CHAMPAIGN — The Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings by video game studio Volition Inc. and its parent company, THQ Inc., show dozens of local creditors — but none among THQ's 40 largest unsecured claims.

THQ, Volition, related entities file for bankruptcy; work expected to continue as normal

CHAMPAIGN — Employees of the Volition video-game studio in Champaign are expected to continue work as normal following the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing of Volition and the studio's parent company, THQ Inc.