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Carle donates $100,000 to Parkland to help elder care

CHAMPAIGN – Carle Foundation Hospital is giving $100,000 to Parkland College to improve the health care of elderly residents.

Kris Young, Parkland's vice president for academic services, announced the gift to Parkland's board of trustees at their Wednesday night meeting.

Effort to improve homes' energy efficiency gets under way

This winter will be the first for Tony and Lynn Knowles in their own home, and they're not sure what kind of power bills to expect.

They're not waiting until temperatures drop to find out. With help from a government weatherization program, the Rantoul family is making energy-efficiency improvements to save fuel – and money.

The Home Weatherization Program, coordinated by the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission, helps income-eligible households raise the energy efficiency of their homes. That might include weather-stripping, insulation for attics and walls, repairs for drafty windows and doors, or even a new fuel-efficient furnace.

Available development sites in Rantoul going online

RANTOUL – The village is getting ready to use the Internet to market local industrial sites and available buildings.

Rantoul Economic Development Director Robert Bruce said developers, business leaders and the general public will soon learn about Rantoul development opportunities online, with the launch of a Web site within two months.

UI seeks participants for study on brain exercise for seniors

A little more than a year ago, 70-year-old Eileen Bunting looked across the street and saw a fire hydrant.

Except when she saw the hydrant, she couldn't remember what it was called. It took her several days to recall the words, fire hydrant.

As you get older, she said, sometimes it takes a while to recall or spell words.

"Now I seem to have less trouble bringing words to my mind. Now when I forget the title for a word, I let my mind relax. I think it out and it comes," said the Mahomet resident.

As a research participant in the University of Illinois' Senior Odyssey project, Bunting spent several weeks in the spring playing word and number games. And with a team of other seniors, she figured out solutions to challenges, such as how to wrap several items with a limited amount of paper and Scotch tape within a time limit.

Team building a better wheelchair for Paralympic athletes

URBANA – Inside a nondescript building in the middle of a parking lot, scientists are using a giant wind tunnel to figure out how to make disabled athletes move faster – starting with several of the University of Illinois athletes competing at the Beijing Paralympic Games starting today.

When those athletes start competing, Greg Busch will be watching.

PC Magazine: UI the No. 1 'wired' campus in the country

URBANA – The University of Illinois is the No. 1 "wired" college in the country, and that honor isn't just for Mountain Dew consumption.

The Princeton Review, in the latest edition of "PC Magazine," rates the Urbana-Champaign campus as the best in the country for computer students and others in terms of service, academics and availability.

UI officials tout bright future of nanotechnology at lab dedication

URBANA – Nanophotonic crystals, nanobiosensors, nanocharacterization.

IEPA OKs sewer upgrades for northwest C-U treatment plant

URBANA – Some $39 million in improvements to the local sanitary sewer system are moving ahead.

UI official: Hoax e-mail sent from outside the university

The hoax e-mail that landed in the inboxes of University of Illinois students, faculty and staff over the holiday weekend was sent from outside the university, a campus official said.

UI administrators on Tuesday were still working to determine the source of the e-mail, which purported to be from Chancellor Richard Herman. The message criticized activities of fraternities and sororities and was signed "GDI Chancellor Richard Herman." GDI is an acronym for "(expletive) independent," a play on the three-letter identification system to indicate a student who shuns joining a fraternity or sorority.

Vermilion officials hear of growing need for skilled workers

DANVILLE – How are John Deere tractors, BMW cars, Chiquita bananas and Kawasaki motorcycles connected with Vermilion County?

Companies here do business with them, and those companies are looking for skilled workers for good-paying jobs, such as engineers, graphic designers, computer programmers and more.