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Urbana to weigh AT&T offer to screen street-side boxes

URBANA – The city council will consider approval Monday of an agreement with AT&T that would pay the city $1,500 for every cabinet box the company installs on the public right of way – money that could be used to screen the cabinets with bushes and plants.

AT&T is in the process of installing a new service in Champaign-Urbana, called AT&T U-verse, where customers would be offered all-digital programming and high definition television channels.

Solving signal interference among jobs tackled by growing firm

CHAMPAIGN – If you've ever taken a commercial airline flight, you've heard the familiar warning to turn off all cell phones and electronic devices before takeoff.

The reason: The signals might interfere with the plane's electronic communications systems.

Watching this paint dry could actually be fun

Hey, if you had as much stuff to paint as the Army, you would be looking for ways to streamline the job as well.

Ashok Kumar and Dave Stephenson have been working on an idea that could make it really easy, at least as far as covering scratches and dings from wear and tear go.

Super Mario meets super computing in virtual environment

Until we all have Star Trek-like holodecks at home, there's not much economy of scale in manufacturing equipment for room-sized virtual environments like the CAVE and CUBE at the University of Illinois' Beckman Institute.

Which is why the specialized wireless handheld controller people used to reach into and navigate the virtual worlds projected in the rooms – on three sides in the case of the CAVE and completely surrounding them in the CUBE – cost $60,000.

Chicago team triumphs in tense hoops game

URBANA – It was a little bit boxing, a little bit "Survivor," and a whole lot of engineering know-how.

Tensions ran high at the annual AMD W.J. "Jerry" Sanders Design Contest Saturday at the University of Illinois Engineering Open House, where robots battled to collect frisbees and hoops in a two-level arena surrounded by frenetic fans.

Scientists wired about new process

In the hand of University of Illinois Professor Min-Feng Yu is a minuscule device with a rod, or spindle, sticking out the end that's barely as long as one of Yu's fingernails.

Around the spindle, Yu and his students have wrapped a couple feet of wire, but good luck getting a glimpse of it.

Editor lauds culture that made electronics last

URBANA – Inveterate tinkerers haven't gone the way of your grandfather.

They're still around, building guitars out of cigar boxes and robots out of computer mice.

LED inventor earns hall of fame induction

They light up the clock on your DVD player, the channel numbers on your radio and the displays of the myriad electronic devices all around you.

Ditto, more and more these days, your car lights and the traffic lights that tell you to stop, go and use a little caution, buddy, not to mention your laptop screen, Christmas tree and possibly in the near future your living room.

Three firms set up new offices in UI Research Park

CHAMPAIGN – While Yahoo Inc. ponders its future, three new companies have taken up quarters in the University of Illinois Research Park in Champaign.

– Danville-based Time-O-Matic, which sells LED signs under the Watchfire Signs name, has opened a software engineering center in the Technology Development and Fabrication Center at 2111 S. Oak St.

Microsoft's Yahoo bid triggers jitters, optimism

CHAMPAIGN – Only six months after Yahoo Inc. started operations in Champaign, folks around town are wondering what a possible takeover of Yahoo by Microsoft Corp. might mean for the local facility.

Some profess nervousness over another change in ownership, given that most Yahoo employees in Champaign were working for Motorola a half-year ago.