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PayPal, YouTube founders welcomed back like rock stars for conference

Max Levchin arrived Friday morning and spent, more or less, every waking minute over the weekend in demand, especially by University of Illinois students.

"I had him booked every half-hour from 11 until 10 Friday and then Saturday was pretty much the same thing," said Tammy Nicastro, director of development and alumni relations for the University of Illinois Computer Science Department.

Tanner reflects on final space shuttle trip

DANVILLE – Astronaut Joe Tanner took a last look at Earth from space right before space shuttle Atlantis re-entered the earth's atmosphere Sept. 21.

"I'm going to miss really looking at Earth from up there," the 56-year-old Danville native said on Monday. "It's an emotional and spiritual thing for me."

UI graduate's fourth space shuttle flight set for Sunday

DANVILLE – NASA astronaut Joe Tanner plans to take only two items with him on his last launch into space next week – a gearshift knob from his oldest son's 1969 Camaro and his youngest son's keychain ornament.

The tokens are memorabilia of Tanner's last space flight for his sons, Tanner said.

Mixed-up Messages

People who are highly anxious, meaning insecure, about their relationships with significant others are faster to read the changing emotions on the faces of those with whom they interact.

But they might be less accurate in their face reading as well, a series of University of Illinois studies indicates.

UI gets funds for international programs

URBANA – The U.S. Department of Education has designated several of the University of Illinois regional studies programs as national resource centers, meaning more than $13 million will go to support the centers.

The designation of national resource center brings not only prestige to the UI's seven centers, which focus on different regions of the world, but significant money.

Online explosion: Enrollment numbers at Parkland continue to climb

CHAMPAIGN – Like a growing number of students at Parkland College, Arthur Baker and Alex Adcock opt for convenience, and they're earning credits online this summer, not in a classroom.

Baker, a University of Illinois sophomore business major, said he signed up for a summer psychology class because he had to fulfill a requirement and wanted to get it out of the way.

UI moving forward with Global Campus initiative

The University of Illinois plans to build a fourth campus.

A virtual campus.

Last month, top UI administrators submitted to UI President B. Joseph White a 54-page report outlining plans to launch Global Campus, the UI's multimillion-dollar online education initiative.

UI researchers creating tools to lessen software headaches

Your Web browser quits and interrupts your blissful surfing.

The video game that's currently dominating your life crashes just as you're about to wipe out the enemy forces and complete the penultimate level.

Timetable for assessing plant sites set

A rapid timetable has been set for completing environmental assessments of possible sites for the $1 billion FutureGen power plant.

Jack Lavin, head of the state's Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, said in a phone interview Tuesday that FutureGen officials expect site assessment work for the Mattoon and Tuscola sites to be submitted by Nov. 17.

Kazakhstan professor makes visit to UI

When Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev selected him as one of 200 scientists from the East Asian country to be rewarded with foreign exchange trips, Murzabek Baikenov could have gone almost anywhere.

But the chemist, a professor at E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University in eastern Kazakhstan, didn't pick the Sorbonne in Paris or the University of Hawaii. He chose Champaign-Urbana and the University of Illinois.