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Kazakhstan professor makes visit to UI

When Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev selected him as one of 200 scientists from the East Asian country to be rewarded with foreign exchange trips, Murzabek Baikenov could have gone almost anywhere.

But the chemist, a professor at E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University in eastern Kazakhstan, didn't pick the Sorbonne in Paris or the University of Hawaii. He chose Champaign-Urbana and the University of Illinois.

Illinois prepares perks to attract plant

SPRINGFIELD – The state of Illinois has made a direct transfer of $17 million to help cover expenses of the alliance that's planning to build a coal-burning power plant in Illinois – or Texas.

And the state has other incentives to offer if the FutureGen Industrial Alliance picks Illinois for its plant, said Jack Lavin, director of the state Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, in a telephone interview Friday.

Computer trouble? Just call ... Teen Tech Team

EAST ST. LOUIS – Christine Jackson already was thinking she would like to attend the University of Illinois.

"I've always wanted to go there ever since, like, the basketball team, and it's pretty close to home," the 16-year-old Belleville East High School student said recently.

UI Researchers create computer that recognizes body movement

Read my lips isn't the half of it.

When humans talk, we do more than pay attention to the words coming out of our mouths.

UI Researchers get ultrasound to act like laser light

Richard Weaver appears almost giddy talking about sound waves.

Here's something cool, he relates. Stand in a big echoing room, like a cathedral, clap your hands, and listen to the sound bouncing around.

UI grad co-writes book on Microsoft's research effort

You might call something like the graphical Web browser, which ignited the Internet revolution after researchers at the University of Illinois popularized it in the 1990s, a one in a million idea.

Or one in 1,300 in China.

Goal is immersive 3-D video conferencing for the masses

University of Illinois graduate student Wanmin Wu puts her arm around a colleague at the University of California at Berkeley and the two of them mug for the cameras.

They appear together, side by side in 3-D, which is a pretty good trick considering.

Could I borrow a slice of Net service?

When Insight Communications' fast cable Internet service experienced outages amid work on the company's system this month, a lot of folks in Champaign-Urbana and elsewhere suffered from withdrawal.

A broadband Internet connection has become as essential, in many people's minds anyway, as the telephone or morning coffee.

Most cable Net glitches appear to be resolved

Insight Communications appears to have largely resolved problems with its cable Internet service that occurred amid an upgrade of the company's system in recent weeks.

"We still want people to call us if they're having problems," Melody Brucker, Insight's district vice president in Champaign-Urbana, said Tuesday. "There may be individual issues."

In this contest, good D really does win championships

The empty coffee cups and caffeine-laden soda cans spread around the room told the story.

"Right now, we're very tired," was the commentary added by Christy Sauper, a University of Illinois senior in computer science.