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Homestead Corp. looking to assist even more in need of housing

By PAOLO CISNEROS / For The News-Gazette

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Refugee Center faces potential closure over lack of state funds

URBANA – A Spanish-speaking woman calls the East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance Center because she does not know where to turn for help. She says she was seriously injured when the balcony of her apartment collapsed and the apartment owner will not pay her hospital bills.

Bilingual education one way to break barriers to learning

By A.M. COLE/For The News-Gazette

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Potential users imagine benefits of Big Broadband in Champaign-Urbana

By JOEL STEINFELDT For The News-Gazette

CHAMPAIGN – This summer, Tanya Weatherly will again decide between having Internet access at home and paying her other utility bills.

Landlord sentenced to 60 days in jail over Champaign case

CHAMPAIGN – A local landlord received jail time and a fine Wednesday following a conviction earlier this year for renting a condemned apartment.

Bernard Ramos, 36, was convicted of criminal housing management on March 3 for renting an apartment in 2008 with health and safety hazards at 709 W. Church St., C.

Champaign food pantry needs to replenish its stores as more people seek help

CHAMPAIGN – There's always a line at the Salt and Light food pantry, where experienced customers know to come early for a good spot in line.

Champaign family gives Salt and Light fund drive a big boost

One Champaign family is doing its part to ensure Salt and Light doesn't run out of food again – at least for three weeks this year.

Paul Stancil and Christine Hurt, both University of Illinois law professors, have agreed to sponsor three weeks worth of food at the pantry, one for each of their children.

Habitat seeking more potential owners to apply in Champaign County

URBANA – Two Urbana families will realize their dream of home ownership this summer, and Habitat for Humanity says it's ready to help others – if they would apply.