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Early birds get the financial aid money

Talk about sticker shock.

The average price tag for one year at a public college or university is $12,796 for 2006-07, according to the College Board. At private, four-year colleges, the price averages about $22,218. A year.

Champaign wants another school resource officer

CHAMPAIGN – The Champaign school district wants to hire another school resource officer.

The district currently has police officers at each of its middle schools and high schools, but Columbia Center does not have a full-time officer. The officer at Edison Middle School spends part of his time at Columbia.

Parkland trustees looking at naming policies

CHAMPAIGN – When Parkland College built a new planetarium in the 1980s, officials had little problem deciding what to name the building.

They named it Staerkel Planetarium in September 1987, to honor Parkland's first president, William Staerkel, who oversaw construction of the $4 million project. Staerkel, who attended the dedication, died just weeks later.

Oakwood school board wants more input from the public

OAKWOOD – Public comments are welcome by the Oakwood School Board, but few people seem to know that.

Board President Greg Wolfe said he would like to increase public comments at the board meetings on any topic that residents want to discuss, including policy matters.

Students object to timing of tests in district's drug policy

HUME – Four Shiloh High School seniors objected to the district's drug testing policy at a school board meeting Tuesday.

The district's current policy says that any student in any extracurricular activity has to sign off authorizing a random drug test. The extracurricular activities include sports and clubs; the policy also affects students who drive to school.

Westville school: No spirit left behind

WESTVILLE – The noise from the stands at Judith Giacoma Elementary School home games might be a little louder next school year.

Principal Melinda Pollock told Westville School Board members Wednesday that she wanted to keep the school's cheerleading squad but will add an informal pep squad in the fall.

Danville School Board to consider adopting same calendar

DANVILLE – Vermilion County public schools could be on the same calendar starting next school year.

That means students throughout the county's 12 school districts would start classes on the same day, students, teachers and staff would take breaks at the same time, and teachers and staff would even hold professional development training on the same days.

Centennial students learn concepts with business project

CHAMPAIGN – Amber Adams hated math.

She had a bad experience with math class in middle school, and when she started her Algebra II class last fall at Centennial High School, she expected she wouldn't like it any better.

Urbana school board considers small tax hike for bond plan

URBANA – Members of the Urbana school board are looking for money to make repairs and improvements to the schools, but they don't want the many millions that require voter approval.

So they're talking about raising taxes slightly – and possibly temporarily – to sell a working cash bond after a bidding process.

Rantoul High School weighs future of house

RANTOUL – When Merle Wilson took his first look at a house on Congress Avenue owned by Rantoul Township High School, he was distressed at what he found.

Ceilings criss-crossed with lathing to hold them up. Holes in the foundation. Planks missing in the wooden flooring.