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Danville High's first exchange student back after 50 years

DANVILLE – It's been 50 years since Bjorn Elmer walked Danville High School's hallways as its first foreign exchange student.

When Elmer, a retired Swedish diplomat, returned on Friday, much had changed. The building had doubled in size, his favorite teacher's classroom was empty and the swimming pool he competed in was gone.

Program allows adults to fit school back into busy schedules

CHAMPAIGN – Sam Flowers always wanted to be a teacher, but he got sidetracked before he finished his degree.

Last year, Flowers heard about a Millikin University program for adults who want to earn teaching degrees while they're working, a program also starting Oct. 2 on the Parkland College campus.

Judge: No open public comments at October consent decree hearing

CHAMPAIGN – U.S. District Court Judge Joe Billy McDade will not take open public comment at an Oct. 19 hearing in the Champaign school district's consent decree case.

But those who want to weigh in on the issues confronting the district may submit a written statement. Based on the written statements he receives, the judge may allow limited comment from some groups or individuals at the hearing.

Champaign school board member points to Savoy needs

CHAMPAIGN – While the school district looks at how to fulfill a consent decree mandate to add seats in north Champaign, it also must consider the growing population in Savoy, said school board member Scott Anderson.

He said the explosive growth in Savoy means that area is underserved by the school district.

Program puts excess inventory to good use

CHAMPAIGN – Schools are always in need of more notebooks, pens and highlighters. But towels, sheets, and pots and pans?

The Champaign and Urbana school districts make good use of those items too. There are always families in need, whether they are fleeing Hurricane Katrina, made homeless by a fire, or starting over because of domestic problems.

Possible Savoy school might be built in new location

SAVOY – If the Champaign school district builds a new school in Savoy, it could be at a different location than the one proposed last year as part of its building plans.

Developer Randy Peifer is considering offering 15 acres along First Street, south of Church Street, for a school.

Consent decree progress report filed with court

CHAMPAIGN – The Champaign school district outlined successes in meeting the goals of its federal consent decree in a report filed Friday with the U.S. District Court.

And it pointed to existing plans that will help it fulfill its obligations, and new steps to speed up its progress.

PTA looking for answers at Champaign board meeting

CHAMPAIGN – Since last spring, the Champaign school board has been asking parents and teachers to talk about their concerns for their buildings.

They're sure to get plenty of comments, and questions, from the parents at South Side Elementary School. The board meets at 7 p.m. Monday at the school, at 712 S. Pine St., C. There will be a tour of the building at 6:30 p.m. The PTA is providing child care.

Wolfram co-founder breathes new life into Periodic Table

If somebody was going to make a work of art of that periodic table of the elements chart you may remember from your high school science classroom, Theodore Gray was the guy to do it.

Even if your high school's chart was in color, it probably wasn't much to look at, with its staid grid of letters abbreviating, and numbers denoting the atomic weight of, all the elements from actinium to zirconium.

Rantoul teachers, board reach contract

RANTOUL – After a second mediation session that lasted almost five hours, Rantoul Township High School teachers and board members reached a tentative contract agreement Monday.

"I'm glad we're focusing back on education and keeping the kids in school," said Superintendent David Requa of the agreement on a two-year contract.