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Kids helping newfound friends

Students at St. Bernard Unified School in New Orleans can't brag about their library.

Their book collection is torn, muddy and yellow and covered in filth.

Program stresses it's OK to just be yourself

URBANA – Trying to look like supermodel Naomi Campbell isn't a realistic goal for most teen-agers.

But trying to like the model you already are, that's a good goal for everyone, according to Urbana Middle School guidance counselor Terri Medwed.

Urbana schools wellness policy tough on sweets

URBANA – The "spoonful of sugar" solution could soon be a thing of the past in Urbana schools.

On Tuesday, a wellness committee will present its policy for student wellness to the Urbana school board in a study session at 7:30 p.m. at 205 N. Race St., U – and it doesn't include feeding kids sweets as a reward.

Students to race in high-mileage contest using vehicle they built

VILLA GROVE – Although they don't yet know the outcome of their race for fuel efficiency, Marcus Harris' Villa Grove High School students think their car's a winner.

"The vehicle is awesome," said junior Andrew Currie. "It's our first time doing this so it's hard to tell how competitive we'll be, so we're anxious to see what happens. It would be nice to win."

Small school shows off big brains

Maybe the girls from Home Hi did make a minor spectacle of themselves at the regional Science Olympiad competition.

"We were screaming," said Sissela Rosenstock-Murav, a seventh-grader at the middle school in Urbana. "We were trying to keep our cool. But we really couldn't."

Finalists meet with teachers, parents

CHAMPAIGN – All three finalists for the principal's job at Kenwood Elementary School have connections to Champaign-Urbana.

Parents and teachers heard from the three candidates and asked them questions at a public forum at the school Tuesday night. The school board is expected to vote on a recommendation for the job at its May 8 meeting.

Some residents don't want to see Dr. Howard School demolished

CHAMPAIGN – Climb up and down a few levels of stairs and head back to the far corner of the basement in Dr. Howard Elementary School and you'll find the reading recovery classrooms.

The enrichment courses are taught in a second-floor hallway.

UI student initiates effort to get kids ready for fall

CHAMPAIGN – Each fall, the staff at Garden Hills scrambles to ensure that all its kindergarten and fifth-grade students have their required physicals and immunizations.

Often, about 30 percent of the fifth-grade class at Garden Hills starts the school year without the required medical care, said Principal Cheryl O'Leary. More than 900 children throughout the district were out of compliance at the beginning of this school year, she said.

Policing our schools: Urbana's Cory Koker

Urbana school resource officer Cory Koker is charged with patrolling all nine public schools, with a focus on the middle and high schools. In his four-day, 40-hour workweek, Koker has a mass of responsibility. News-Gazette reporter Amy F. Reiter and photographer Robin Scholz tailed him on Wednesday to find out just how much.

Black parents urge boycott after school board action

CHAMPAIGN – Nicole Causley's son went to school Wednesday. But he might not be at Central High School much longer, she says.

Causley and her sister, Natalie Freeman, say they will take their children out of the Champaign school district in protest of the decision to put armed police officers in the schools. They are asking other parents to do the same.