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Group gathers over river concerns

OAKWOOD - Glen Martin lives near the Salt Fork River and often canoes streams of the entire Vermilion River system.

Energy efficiency, environment to be considered for neighborhood redevelopment

CHAMPAIGN — City planners would like to use energy efficient and environmentally friendly methods to redevelop the Bristol Place neighborhood east of Market Street on the city's north side.

Well safety: New tools available for those seeking a safe water source

CHAMPAIGN — Most people leave the safety of their drinking water in the hands of a local utility.

But for the 15 percent of Americans who depend on their own private wells, a safe drink of water requires some effort and understanding some basics about how wells work, experts say.

Homer boil order lifted

HOMER  - A boil order for the village of Homer has been lifted.

Village Clerk Sharon Jeffers said the order to boil water for drinking was lifted about 8:30 a.m. Friday after four different water samples were found to be fine.

A drop in pressure in the water system about 7:30 a.m. Thursday necessitated the order, Jeffers said.

Field Museum exhibit shedding light on a living world

Glowing can get you dates, hide you from a predator or snare you prey — depending on which species you hang out with.

Environmental Almanac: Tularemia suspected in beaver deaths

EDITOR'S NOTE: Rob Kanter is away this week, but he sent this piece from Urbana resident John Palen, who taught for 26 years at Central Michigan University, where he was a professor and chairman of the journalism department.

Next decision on water in Homer will be up to new board, mayor

HOMER — With treated water and sewer services agreed to, Sunrise Coal now moves on to securing a source for hundreds of thousands of gallons of raw water per day for its proposed Bulldog coal mine.

Two area wind farms move forward

KEMPTON — The race to build Ford County's second wind farm is picking up speed.

Clinton plant returns to full power

CLINTON — Exelon Corp.'s Clinton nuclear plant returned to full power Sunday, three days after an automatic shutdown due to a fuse failure, the company said.

Exelon said the unit shut down at 8 a.m. Thursday when the main generator tripped offline. The trip resulted from the failure of a fuse, which has since been replaced.

Homer board reverses vote on water, sewer services for coal mine

HOMER - Two weeks after denying the sale of treated water and sewer services to Sunrise Coal, the Homer village board passed the agreement by just one vote Monday night, to the dismay of some trustees and residents who spoke out against the process that brought the issue back to the board.