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Attorney general joins opposition to Clinton landfill proposal

CHICAGO — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has joined with a number of central Illinois governments to ask the state Pollution Control Board to send a proposal for a chemical waste unit at the Clinton landfill back to the DeWitt County Board for review.

Car wash owner sees payback from solar technology

TILTON — A Vermilion County business owner is adding solar technology to the Super Wash car washes in Tilton, Catlin and Georgetown.

Richard Nevels, the Super Wash franchisee for those locations, is adding a solar voltaic system to the Tilton car wash and installing solar voltaic and solar thermal systems to the Catlin and Georgetown locations.

Boil order issued for downtown Rantoul

RANTOUL — Some areas of downtown Rantoul will be under a boil order beginning Tuesday morning.

The boil order will start at 6 a.m. Tuesday in the following areas:

— 100 block of North Garrard Street.

— 100 block of South Garrard Street.

— 100 block of East Sangamon Avenue.

— 100 block of West Sangamon Avenue.

— 100 block of South Century Boulevard.

Environmental Almanac: Good things happening at Homer Lake

How do you make a well-loved forest preserve even better?

One way is to develop it. Toward that end, the Champaign County Forest Preserve District recently completed installation of what's called a natural playscape at Homer Lake. The playscape differs from a typical playground in that it uses natural materials — plants, boulders, logs and earth mounds — rather than plastic and metal.

Fisher area residents blame irrigation well for drying up theirs

FISHER — MJ Shields grew up about a mile from where she now lives in the country between Fisher and Dewey.

"That's why I moved out there, because I love to be in the country," Shields said of her home of the past three years.

$5.7 million grant to UI to find ozone-resistant corn

CHAMPAIGN — On an ozone action day, when air quality levels are unhealthy, especially for people with conditions like asthma, even plants feel the stress.

Governments submit application on Mahomet Aquifer to EPA

CHAMPAIGN — Area government agencies on Wednesday officially started the Mahomet Aquifer on the path toward federal protection.

Vote delayed on treated water, sewer lines for coal mine

HOMER — Another meeting has been scheduled to discuss the sale of treated water and sewer services to Sunrise Coal by the village.

Environmental Almanac: Holiday gift ideas for the environmentally inclined

I'm conflicted when it comes to holiday gift buying. On one side, my inner curmudgeon urges me to opt out as far as possible. Isn't this focus on new stuff at odds with people reducing their negative impacts on the planet? Bah, humbug.

On the other side, I enjoy giving and receiving gifts as much as anyone else. Curmudgeon be gone; let's open presents!

UI urged to dump coal holdings

URBANA — Students at the University of Illinois are urging trustees not to invest the UI's money in coal, saying the fossil fuel accelerates climate change and endangers the environment and human health.

The university has no direct investments in coal, a spokesman said Friday, but it's not ready to make any changes to its investment policy.