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Woman organizes event for stem-cell transplant survivors

CHAMPAIGN – Five years after leukemia rocked Mica Witt's life, she thinks it's time to celebrate the stem-cell transplant that gave her a second chance.

And she wants to include more than her friends and family in this party.

Prof, son reveal keys to happiness

CHAMPAIGN – Money isn't everything, but according to happiness expert Ed Diener, it certainly is something.

"Our research shows money is, in fact, related to happiness," Diener told about 200 people attending a Busey Wealth Management seminar Monday in Champaign.

City organizations make push for marriages, good parenting

A report released last week by the Bush administration shows how communities can encourage healthy marriages and parenting and improve child support.

Organizations in Chicago, Boston and Jacksonville, Fla., each sponsored activities and programs to provide marriage education, marriage skills training, public advertising campaigns, high school education on the value of marriage and marriage mentoring programs.

Community, church leaders weigh in

When baby boomer Gary Grogan was growing up, most kids were raised with traditional family values in married, two-parent homes.

And when many of them later dropped out of their churches, they never considered there might be consequences for the next generation.

Portrayal of single moms continues to evolve

When the Virgin Mary first told her cousin Elizabeth about her pregnancy, her first response was, "Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb."

Since then, births to a single woman, particularly to a teen, have not always been seen as such a blessing.

And baby makes two: Comments from readers

Comments from readers about "And baby makes two," The News-Gazette's four-part series on babies born to single women.

For Champaign woman, adoption was an easy choice

Sue Malenius didn't set out to be a single mother.

And yet she became one intentionally, adopting one little girl after another (after another) from China. She believes mothering the girls is in God's plan for her. Everything she has done up until she took them in prepared her for being their parent, their guide.

Law makes safe havens available for abandoned babies

Dode Greene will never forget that night in late November 2001 when she came home to find a red Staples paper box on her front porch in Tilton.

A mother of two who had once run a day care, Greene opened the lid to find what she thought was a doll – until it moved.

Planned Parenthood presents birth control, pregnancy options

Planned Parenthood provides information and help to women of all ages – single and married – about reproductive health.

These include counseling and information about birth control, including pills, patches and shots. Other services include counseling about the best and healthiest strategies for timing when having kids and options a woman has after she gets pregnant, said Julie Rabinovitz, the agency's vice president of clinical operations. Options include keeping the baby, adoption and abortion, all of which are discussed.

And baby makes two: The ultimate gift of love

Everything was set. Pregnant and single at 23, Samantha Simmons had made the emotional choice to put her baby up for adoption.

It hadn't been that hard, really. The parents she chose were friends of her grandmother's, good people with good jobs who could give her son a wonderful home. Once she met them, she knew it was the right thing to do.